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News Russia warns Ukraine attempts to retake Crimea will be seen as 'declaration of war'

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News Ben Stiller meets President Zelensky

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News Despite pressure from Brussels and Berlin not to enforce EU sanctions on Russian goods passing through to Kaliningrad, Lithuania refuses to budge and intends to impose new sanctions on transit as earlier agreed with EU. July 10 - cement and alcohol August 10 - coal Dec 5 - oil

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News Putin Has a Problem: U.S. HIMARS Are Rocking Russian Forces in Ukraine

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News USA’s NewsMax tries to bait Zelensky to say Putin's invasion would never happen if Trump were president. He responds: “Sorry if I am saying something you don’t like but for us as the country in war, it doesn’t matter if it is democrats or republicans, it is the people of the US that support us.”

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News The Netherlands wants the European Commission to include the criminalization of anti-LGBT hatred in the list of reforms that Ukraine should carry out

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News The Russian State Duma called for a strike on the US embassy in Kyiv due to the supply of MLRS to Ukraine

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News the eyes of Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin in iprin says it all..

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News Macron, Scholz and Draghi already arrived to Kyiv

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News The United States is ready to help provide Ukraine with the weapons it requests - Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

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News Historical Moment.

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News They're here! Multiple Mi-17 s have arrived in Ukraine, from Joe with love. Слава Украине

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News France, Germany and Swiss will rebuild Chernihiv & Odesa; Italy & Poland : Donetsk. USA + Turkey : Kharkiv, Sweden + Holland : Kherson, Scandinavia + Czechia : Lugansk. Amongst others. Слава Украине

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News NATO to dramatically increase forces on high alert to over 300,000 from 40,000 amid Russia threat

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News HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE. Joe Biden has signed the Lend-Lease Act. Ukraine is immensely grateful to the U.S.

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News Russia says it has withdrawn from Snake Island 'as gesture of goodwill'

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News US intelligence memo shows Putin is willing to run info ops to secure more sympathetic US political climate and derail Ukraine aid


Russian influence operations targeting American and Western audiences appear to be weakening Americans’ support and appetite for providing aid to Ukraine, according to a U.S. intelligence community bulletin obtained by The Daily Beast.

One topic Putin might be eyeing is support in the United States for Europe, and in particular, U.S. dedication to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other security assistance to Ukraine and Europe, according to Wilde.

That scheme will inevitably aim to influence voters participating in both the midterms and the presidential election in 2024 in an attempt to get candidates elected who are somehow more sympathetic to Putin, according to Daniel Hoffman, a former CIA Moscow chief of station.

“He’s going to try really, really hard to… exacerbate those isolationist tendencies and kind of induce us to question, ‘Why are we supporting Ukraine?’” Hoffman said. “He’s trying to dilute U.S. support for [Ukrainian President] Zelensky.”

Russia has long intervened in American politics by choosing a preferred candidate to support in influence operations. In 2016, Putin developed a preference for Donald Trump’s candidacy, according to a Senate Intelligence Committee assessment. In the buildup to the 2020 presidential elections, Putin had Russian influence operations denigrating Biden’s candidacy while supporting Trump’s reelection, according to a National Intelligence Council briefing on the matter.


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News Americans’ preparedness to pay a price for supporting Ukraine remains robust, a June poll shows

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News Germany finaly officialy released what has actualy been send to this day.

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News Ukraine's Chief of Intelligence: Putin has cancer

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News Russian Senator Andrei Klishas has accused Lithuania of violating Russia's sovereignty through a blockade on Kaliningrad. RIA Novosti is also claiming that this blockade is a casus belli for war. Major rhetorical escalations between Russia and Lithuania underway.

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News Ukraine Recovers 44 Children Illegally Taken To Russia, Brings Them Back Home

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News After facing a huge backlash for denigrating the Ukrainian culture and activists, presidential advisor Arestovych is now claiming that gay people are mentally ill. Kyiv Pride is urging Zelenskyy to fire him since there is no place for the “homophobic Russian world” in the EU

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News Zelensky: “I am pleased to welcome Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese to Kyiv. This is the first visit of the Australian Prime Minister to our capital in the history of our state relations.”

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News Six bodyguards of Olaf Scholz, who guarded him in #Kyiv, seem to have fulfilled their cherished dream - they took a collective photo with the Klitschko brothers.

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