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Have every single paper known to man kind. Have all logins also. Dm me what paper you need or add me on snap for a faster response @easyfix2


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Nike Blazer Mid '77 Jumbo "Habanero Red" : Sale Price: $82.50 (Retail $110) - Discount applied at checkout - free shipping on orders $200+

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Art/Craft Two Sweet Yurbles for Yurble Day!

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Mississippi – A total of 11 Forrest County Adult Correctional Facility inmates graduated from job-ready food service skills program, IN2WORK.

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Interesting Walking Russian lesson about Russian nature and Slavic folklore 🌿🍃🇷🇺

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Drawing Pokemon heartgold hardcore therapylocke team.

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Freshwater What's the green circle on his stomach?

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As It Was - Harry Styles (Lyrics) 🎵

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News Ewan McGregor's uncle was Wedge Antilles from the original 1977 Star Wars. The force is strong with these two


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New Dopapod LP is 🔥🔥

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Discussion Can i have two subtypes at the same time?


I’m reading The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut, and for each type she gives three subtypes - social, self-preservation, sexual. And i don’t relate 100% for only one of them, more of a mixture of Self-Preservation plus Social. So, is it normal? Probably it is, can’t all people fit within these three small groups, right?

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Is there any advantage to running Condense utility prior to converting from Desktop to QBO?


We are running QB Pro 2014 for three tiny subsidiary companies. The oldest and biggest company file is about 100MB and has a lot of accounts we haven’t used in over 7 years. I’m going to deactivate them to get us well under the 250 account threshold for QBO Plus. But I would like to know if all the ancient transactional data is going to slow us down once we go QBO.

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Leicester, England: probably one of the most underrated cities in the UK

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If Matrix was real, machines would have 100% wiped the humans and used cattle as the power source.


They would be much easier to control in a utopia and machines won't have to deal with periodic shenanigans of The One and team.

r/RocketLeaguePS4Trades 0m ago

[H] List [W] Credits, offers


Only looking for Credits or easy to sell item offers. Any questions about an item's series and I'll look.

If you're looking for Rocket Pass items then just ask, some of the better ones are listed at the bottom under Miscellaneous, but I have all of the cars, decals, boost, borders, banners, a few sets etc etc - it's just too much to list. I have stuff stretching back to the first Rocket Pass and have only listed the stuff I think people may be interested in, so again, just ask!



  • Animus GP
  • Artemis GXT - TW (Sweeper)
  • Breakout - TW
  • Breakout Type-S
  • Centio
  • Cyclone
  • 2xDiestro
  • Dominus GT
  • Endo
  • Guardian GXT - TW (Guardian, Striker)
  • Imperator DT5 - uncert/unpainted, TW (Guardian)
  • Insidio
  • Jager 619
  • Komodo
  • Mantis
  • Maverick
  • Nimbus - unpainted (Show-off), TW
  • Octane - Grey
  • Peregrine TT
  • 3xSamurai (one is TW)
  • Sentinel
  • Takumi RX-T (Victor)
  • Twinzer
  • Tygris
  • Venom - TW
  • Werewolf - unpainted (Guardian), TW
  • 2xX-Devil Mk2

Other Rocket Pass cars listed at the bottom



  • 20XX
  • Interstellar
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Leviathan
  • Octane: Bodacious in TW, Distortion, Dot Matrix, MG-88, Ripped Comic, Royal Tyrant in Black and Purple, Snakeskin, Sticker Bomb in TW (Paragon), Black and Grey, Thanatos
  • Smokescreen
  • Storm Watch (Turtle)
  • Streamline (Juggler)
  • Wet Paint (Turtle)


EXOTIC wheels:

  • Alchemist - Black, Burnt Sienna, TW
  • Alma - TW
  • Dieci - BS
  • Falco - TW (Juggler), Black, BS
  • FGSP - Black, Grey, TW
  • Gernot - Black (Show-off), TW (Turtle), Grey
  • Hypnotik - Black
  • Invader - TW (Victor), BS, SB
  • Lowrider - Black, TW
  • Neptune - BS, FG, Lime, TW
  • Octavian - Black (Guardian), TW (Juggler), Crimson, SB
  • OEM - TW
  • Rat Rod - BS, Grey
  • Stern - Saffron (Sweeper), BS, FG, Grey, Lime, Purple
  • Sunburst - Grey, SB (Juggler), BS, Orange
  • Trahere - Black, TW
  • Tunica - Black, BS, TW
  • Turbine - Black (Tactician), Grey, TW
  • Veloce - Black, Grey, Saffron
  • Vortex - Crimson (Juggler), Saffron (Playmaker), Black, Grey, TW
  • Wonderment - Black
  • Zefram - Black, Black (Infinite)
  • Zomba - Black, Grey
  • Zowie - Black, TW



  • Dieci - TW
  • Invader - Black, Lime, Saffron
  • Neptune - Saffron
  • Octavian - Lime, Orange
  • OEM - Orange, SB
  • Rat Rod - TW
  • Spyder - Black, TW
  • Stern - Black, Pink, TW
  • Sunburst - Black, Crimson, Lime, TW
  • Tunica - Grey
  • Veloce - BS, Cobalt, Pink, TW



  • Apparatus - Saffron
  • Bravado - Black
  • Cauldron - Black
  • Chakram - Black, Grey, TW
  • Clodhopper - Black (Sniper)
  • Finny - Black
  • Fireplug - Grey, TW
  • FSL - Black, Grey
  • FSL-B - Black
  • Gaiden - Grey, Black, TW
  • Grimalkin - Black
  • Hiro - Black (Sweeper), Grey, TW
  • Masato - TW (Paragon), Black, Grey
  • Nipper - SB (Striker from GLS '19), Black, BS, Grey, TW
  • Orbit - Black
  • Peppermint - Black, TW
  • Picket - BS, Grey, TW
  • Playock - TW
  • Quimby - Black, TW
  • Reaper - Grey (Acrobat), Black, BS
  • Saptarishi - Grey (Acrobat), SB (Striker from GPS '19), Black, BS, TW
  • Septem - Grey (Tactician), Black, TW
  • Shortquarter - TW
  • SLK - TW (Sweeper), Black, Grey
  • Spiralis - Grey (Sweeper), Black TW
  • Stella - Black, TWThread-X2 - BS (Playmaker), Grey (Scorer), Black, TW
  • Triplex - TW
  • Troika - Grey (Scorer), TW
  • Truncheon - Black (Sweeper), TW (Turtle), Grey
  • Yamane - Grey (Acrobat), TW (Sniper), Black
  • Yuzo - Black, Grey, TW

and probably unpainted/uncert/random certs if you're looking for them.


RLCS Wheels:

  • Aero Mage - Purple (Show-off)
  • Apex
  • Carbon - Black (Playmaker), FG (Tactician), 2xCrimson, Saffron, 2xTW
  • Decennium - Purple, Black
  • Decopunk - BS, Black (Victor), 2xCrimson, 2xLime, Orange, Pink, Grey ,TW
  • Emerald - 2xSaffron, Black (Striker), Black, Cobalt, Pink, 2xFG, 2xOrange (one is Guardian), 2xTW
  • Hephaestus - BS, Orange
  • Ninja - FG, 2xGrey, 2xBlack (one is Paragon)
  • Patriarch - Aviator unpainted
  • Petacio - Grey (Goalkeeper), Purple (Tactician), 3xCrimson, 2xSaffron, SB
  • Razzle - TW, Paragon unpainted
  • Rival - Black, 2xBS (one is Scorer), Cobalt, Crimson, 2xFG, Grey, Purple
  • Rival: Infinite - 2xunpainted
  • Rival: Radiant - Black, Purple, Pink
  • Wrathogen - Black, BS, Grey, Lime, FG, TW

and plenty of unpainted/uncert/random certs in all


RLCS Decals:


  • CRL Western
  • Nice Shot
  • 2x RL Esports (one is Show-off)
  • RLCS
  • What a Save!
  • 4xBreakout Type-S RLCS, one is Show-Off



  • RL Esports
  • RLCS - BS (Turtle), TW (Turtle), Grey, Orange, Crimson, SB
  • RLCS 2021-2022 - 3xTW, Black, BS, Lime, Pink, Purple, Saffron
  • RLCS X - SB, FG
  • 3xSavage (one is Purple)
  • Stratum Badge - 3xBlack (one is Acrobat), TW (Goalkeeper), 3xOrange (one is Paragon), 2xCobalt, Grey, 4xFG, Lime, Purple, Saffron
  • Dominus: GT RLCS, have a Crimson (Victor) one too



  • RLCS 2021-2022 - unpainted, random certs
  • RLCS X - Crimson, Lime, 2xCobalt
  • Yorebands - 2xBS (one is Playmaker), Crimson (Tactician), Cobalt, Grey, Lime, 3xOrange, 2xSB (one is Tactician), Lime, 2xPurple



  • 4xRL Esports (one is Sniper, one is Guardian)



  • Dune Racer - 2xCrimson (one is Acrobat), 3xBlack (Sweeper, Scorer, Aviator), Grey, Orange, TW
  • 2xNice Shot
  • Noooo! (Victor)
  • RL Esports
  • RLCS - TW
  • RLCS 2021-2022 - 2xSaffron (one is Acrobat), Lime (Goalkeeper), FG (Paragon), Black (Striker), Pink (Victor)
  • RLCS X - Lime

and plenty of unpainted/uncert/random certs in all


RLCS Boosts:

  • Anispray - TW (Sniper), BS, unpainted Striker
  • Blast Ray
  • Helios - Black, Orange, Pink, Grey
  • Hot Rod (Show-off)

and plenty of unpainted/uncert/random certs in all


RLCS Goal Explosions:

  • Ballistic - Cobalt (Scorer), FG, Purple, Saffron
  • Big Splash (honestly who doesn't have a ton of these in most certs)

and plenty of unpainted/uncert/random certs in all



  • 9xNCI (counting some of the less valued Bodies/Boosts listed) 3xNCE
  • 5xGolden Gift 2021 5xGolden Basket 2022 3xGolden Moon
  • TW Overgrowth (Striker)
  • Black Gripstride Inverted
  • TW Z-RO Inverted (Striker) (other colours too random certs/uncert)
  • Capacitor IV in TW, Black, Grey (Sniper)
  • Jandertek Holographic colours
  • Dimonix Inverted colours
  • Blade Wave inverted colours
  • Irradiator Infinite colours
  • Lime Flamethrower
  • Drip Drop
  • Polychrome
  • 9xHustle Brows (one is Paragon)
  • Mount Champion
  • TW Pirate's Hat
  • 3xEQ (Trail)
  • Stoic Muffin (Scorer)
  • X-Boards (Striker)
  • X-Skis
  • Toon BMD Goal Explosion
  • Crimson Burnout
  • 30xFallen Angel
  • Lift-Off in Lime and TW
  • 2xNeon Runner
  • 20xRL Esports (Banner)
  • 11xRLCS X (Banner)
  • Solar System
  • 38xStatesman
  • Crown (Avatar Border) in Black, Cobalt, Crimson, Grey, Lime, 2xSB, plenty of unpainted


Sets/near sets (only listed the nicer ones, loads of others):

Artemis GXT, Future Shock, Guardian GXT, Harbinger GXT, Mudcat GXT, Mainliner, Luster Edge, Light Show, Maxle-PA, Meta-Blast, Muscle Boy, Metarudia, Overgrowth, Plasmatic, Polaris/a few Polarias Remixed, Rad Rock (Trail, Goal Explosion and Boost), Radiant Gush, Ronin GXT, Shield Glitch, Slash Beam III, Dune Sweeper, Spatiotemporal, Startis, Streak Wave, Super Manga Bolt III, Tachyon III (Trail), Tigress, TRI-2050, Tyranno GXT, Ved-ava II, Visionary, Yankii RL, Zadeh S3: Inverted, Zhou GFP.

r/Notion 0m ago

Showcase Impact & Effort Prioritization Todo List

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Meme Theme of the Greek gods after this fight

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Tapu Lele 7560 0006 4345


r/PokemonGoFriends 0m ago

Mega Raid Boosted Mega Altaria, add up


add 0446 7409 6631 or 271644756295

r/bmbmbm 0m ago

Discussion / Question Ban John L posts


They’re not funny

r/willitintelhd 0m ago

Kao The Kangaroo Intel HD 4600 (Low End PC)

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Ukraine Pictures From Ukraine: Living In Fear Of Death From Above

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r/IronmanTriathlon 0m ago

i just entered my first half!


And it's probably going to go terribly.

It's on the 4th September, the course is relatively flat and the swim is in a lake. The only problem is, I haven't swam in nearly 10 years, and even then I wasn't very good.

I'm a relatively confident runner, although I'm out of training at the moment due to a knee niggle, I'm seeing the physio on Monday.

My cycling is okay, this weekend I did 68 miles and an average of 15.5mph, nothing special but it'll get the job done, I'm only really bothered about finishing, not time.

Any tips on getting my swimming honed in? I live by the seaside so there's plenty of water, and I got myself a wetsuit this morning.

r/WWEGames 0m ago

Community Creations Original CAW Friday drop! Which one of these beauties will be the next champion of my CAW roster? PhillyFighterJ

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Avid Cyclist Coming to London June 5-11


I’m flying in from the U.S with my family on holiday and will be in an apartment in London near Westminster for a week. Would love to get in at least 2-3 morning rides (20-30 miles) while the family sleeps in.

Any recommendations for bike rentals, routes, or group rides that would fit that itinerary? I was tentatively thinking about joining the Rapha club so I can rent a Canyon for $50/day while I’m there.

I’m very comfortable on roads, but hear the worst things about London drivers so the less street traffic the better.

Thanks in advance.