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Fans sue Universal Pictures over film without Ana de Armas Removed - Not Oniony


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u/Awesam Jan 22 '22

They’re up in armas


u/YnwaMquc2k19 Jan 22 '22

This is very funny ngl


u/Daimosthenes Jan 22 '22 edited Jan 22 '22

Two fans saw their favorite actress in the Yesterday trailer and rented it. But the actress was cut from the final product.

I hate deceptive trailers myself, but I doubt this will get any traction. I wish it could. Lately, it seems anything can be said or put in trailers about a film and there is no real penalty.


u/sasukest Jan 22 '22

she didnt appear in 007?


u/HereSoIWontGetFined0 Jan 22 '22

She did. It was the film "Yesterday" that they marketed her in but then she was cut out of.


u/Daimosthenes Jan 22 '22

Whoops, skimmed too fast. It was Yesterday. Edited.