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Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!


Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge.

Need help against a certain champion? Unsure how and where to ward? Looking to improve your csing? This is the place to ask. This weekly thread is a place for new players to ask questions and get help/advice from more experienced players. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them!

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Champions Queue Insane Backdoor

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Annoying Xin Zhao bug in competitive play (Karmine Corp vs Team GO - LFL)

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Several Wild Rift skins have been ported to PC League by a modder.



Not linking directly as custom skins are against TOS and im unsure of the rule posting them are, but other champions so far are

Fizz, Brand, Nautilus, Rammus, Nami, Sona and Gragas.

Its very interesting that its even possible for someone outside of riot to be able to do this.

Highlighitng Lulu.

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Full Orianna Cosplay Live - You want it, you get it! Here you can see the full Orianna cosplay in action! The key is rotating, there are installed LED's inside the ball and the skirt and it is a pain the the .. to wear that cosplay! xd Anyways, enjoy!

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DWG KIA vs. DRX / LCK 2022 Summer - Week 4 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL


DK | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
DRX | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit


Winner: DRX in 31m | POG: BeryL (200)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
DK ornn wukong senna viego nautilus 48.9k 5 3 H3
DRX zeri seraphine renata glasc ashe aphelios 63.9k 20 10 H1 I2 C4 O5 O6 B7
DK 5-20-11 vs 20-5-51 DRX
Nuguri sejuani 2 2-5-1 TOP 4-1-9 2 gnar Kingen
Canyon belveth 1 0-3-2 JNG 3-0-12 3 trundle Pyosik
ShowMaker swain 2 1-5-2 MID 5-0-10 1 corki Zeka
deokdam ezreal 3 2-2-1 BOT 7-1-5 1 kalista Deft
Kellin yuumi 3 0-5-5 SUP 1-3-15 4 amumu BeryL


Winner: DWG KIA in 40m | POG: deokdam (300)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
DK ornn kalista viego poppy gangplank 74.0k 14 10 H2 I3 M5 M6 B7 M8 B10
DRX zeri seraphine renata glasc lissandra ahri 66.8k 7 3 HT1 H4 E9
DK 15-7-28 vs 7-15-15 DRX
Nuguri gwen 3 6-3-2 TOP 1-4-2 3 gnar Kingen
Canyon wukong 1 1-2-6 JNG 1-1-4 4 trundle Pyosik
ShowMaker sylas 3 1-1-4 MID 2-3-3 1 corki Zeka
deokdam lucian 2 7-0-4 BOT 2-4-3 2 senna Deft
Kellin nami 2 0-1-12 SUP 1-3-3 1 tahmkench BeryL


Winner: DRX in 35m | POG: Pyosik (200)
Damage Graph | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
DK kalista corki tahmkench ornn sylas 55.5k 6 1 M4 I5
DRX zeri seraphine zeri gwen twisted fate 68.0k 15 11 H1 O2 H3 B6 I7 B8 I9
DK 6-15-14 vs 15-6-37 DRX
Nuguri gragas 3 1-3-1 TOP 1-1-9 3 gnar Kingen
Canyon wukong 1 1-2-3 JNG 4-2-8 2 poppy Pyosik
ShowMaker lissandra 3 2-4-0 MID 4-0-4 4 swain Zeka
deokdam xayah 2 2-3-4 BOT 3-1-6 1 lucian Deft
Kellin rakan 2 0-3-6 SUP 3-2-10 1 nami BeryL

Patch 12.12

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An unfortunate COVID coughing fit causes plates to fall on me, while diving an Ahri

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Eggnivia unkillable tanking nexus Patch 12.12

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[Cosplay] My Heartseeker Ashe cosplay!


r/leagueoflegends 5h ago

Since Blue Essence Emporium is going away for a long while, why not allow us to buy chromas for unowned champs/skins?


Basically title.

There wasnt much notice time, so not many of us made a budget(not that it matter anymore, cuz of incoming RP price increase), so allow us to get some measly chromas, and see if we are enticed to buy the skins later(Christmas time)

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Jarvan shield tooltip not displaying what it actually does


This rank 5 shield has 140 baseline + 32 from the 1.2% bonus health.

W'ing 5 enemies should give 172x5 according to the tooltip, but that's not how the shield is being calculated. The shield is being applied with the equation = 140 base shield + (1.2% bonus health x the number of enemies hit) and always has been - tooltip needs to be changed because it is confusing.

Looking at the patch history going back to season 8, the bonus shielding is separate from the base shield. So regardless of how silly I think this is for J4's kit (to only give ~150 bonus shielding form bonus HP for being in the middle of the whole team in later stages of the game), it's just an error in the tooltip.
Even if you expand the tooltip it reads "(140 + 1.2% bonus health) per enemy hit". J4 shield used to give 60 base shielding for each enemy hit in the past, when they moved it to bonus health in season 7, they made the ability useless lol

Tank/Engage J4 is struggling right now and when he was really good, the theory of his W was basically substituted by the old stone plate item, which gave him a huge team fight threat for activating it around several enemies.


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The Importance of Reddit, Twitch & YT in Esports (Especially for me as an LPL Caster)

Thumbnail youtube.com

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don't underestimate a poppy's damage when you're near a wall

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PSA: If you're interested in the double bonus RP starting July 14, gift cards won't work


I just confirmed this with riot support. I buy my RP on Amazon, so if I wanted to get the double bonus RP I would need to buy it in the client.


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Just a small detail not everyone knows about: Biscuit rune gives you an extra Poro Snax in ARAM


So yeah, if you want to see em explode more frequently have you and your pals go with biscuits in! I think there's also a challenge related to it nowadays.

Me and my friends had no clue about this little fact, I just noticed I somehow had 2 snax early on at times and then I realized it was the biscuit rune.

EDIT: https://i.imgur.com/oobMF95.jpg You receive it at 2 minutes alongside the first biscuit.

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New Game Mode: Bar Fight


For starters, every champion’s AA is now melee range, ranged champs are now pistol whipping.

Smart cookies are already thinking they can sit back and spam abilities but I’m one step ahead of you.

The Drunkard is a debuff that’s applied every 5 seconds to champions that haven’t hit an enemy recently. The debuff gradually blurs your vision and you hear Gragas burps louder and louder, eventually you lose vision, black out, and are carried back to fountain by a team of standby nurses.

You also get The Bottle, a glass bottle that can be thrown, similar to snowball. The Bottle adds a stack of Drunkard to enemies. You can replenish your bottle from the friendly neighborhood Gragas who is now the shopkeeper.

Of course this wouldn’t be a bar fight without a tan filter over the entire rift and jolly piano music in the background.

Look forward to it.

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1 Teemo Vs 3 tanks (And yes, I know I am bad at Kiting)

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Bachelor Thesis Survey: Brand perception of selected LEC teams.


Hello fellow summoners and fans of esports,
I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis and for that i am conducting a survey on
"Brand perception of selected LEC teams".

It would help me out a lot if you could take some time to take part in my survey.
You would be contributing to one of the first empirical analysis of brand perception in LoL esports. The survey focuses exclusively on League of Legends Teams currently playing in the LEC.

The survey only takes 7-10 minutes.

Feel free to recommend the survey to others who enjoy watching the LEC and are fans of esports.
It is enough to know the teams and to be a LoL Esports fan.
For the survey, it is not necessary to play LoL yourself.

Follow this Link to take part in the survey:


Thanks for your help.
See you on the rift !

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Just remembered this gem. Had a blast watching and remembering these good times.

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Cataloging the top 50 highest mastery Shaco's.


The sequel to the Teemo catalog. You asked, so I delivered. I'm using data from this website. Let's get started. Also as an FYI, there aren't as many "weird" things that Shaco's do (other than main Shaco)

Placement Mastery Points Server Rank Other Things
1st 10.8 million NA Iron 4 0 LP Normal
2nd 6.5 million BR Unranked (Platinum 4 last year) N/A
3rd 6.2 million NA Silver 3 Play Neeko JG if Shaco is picked or banned
4th 6.0 million EUW Master 173 LP Their last 2 games have been AD tank shaco
5th 5.7 million RU Master 0 LP Normal
6th 5.6 million BR Gold 2 Normal
7th 5.46 million BR Diamond 3 Normal
8th 5.40 million NA Platinum 4 Normal
9th 5.3 million NA Diamond 4 AP Shaco Support
10th 4.9 million EUW Unranked (Gold 3 last season) N/A
11th 4.88 million KR Gold 3 Leads to a profile with 1 million mastery instead of 4.8 (?)
12th 4.85 million KR Gold 4 Titanic Hydra on Shaco
13th 4.75 million NA Silver 2 Normal
14th 4.71 million EUNE Gold 3 Bloodthirster on Shaco
15th 4.704 million NA Unranked (Diamond 4 last season) N/A
16th 4.701 million LAS Gold 3 Still mastery 5, AP Shaco support
17th 4.47 million NA Diamond 3 AP Shaco top lane with TP + Ignite
18th 4.45 million NA Silver 4 Tank Shaco support with AP support item
19th 4.44 million NA Iron 2 AP shaco support with ignite + TP
20th 4.41 million KR Bronze 1 Normal
21st 4.36 million KR Gold 4 Normal
22nd 4.30 million BR Unranked (Gold 4 last season) N/A
23rd 4.23 million NA Platinum 4 Normal
24th 4.20 million KR Diamond 2 Tank Shaco JG
25th 4.189 million JP Master 59 LP Ghost on Shaco JG
26th 4.187 million EUNE Bronze 2 in Flex AP Shaco Support
27th 4.06 million EUW Diamond 4 Normal
28th 4.05 million RU Diamond 1 AP Shaco top lane with ignite + TP
29th 4.04 million BR Silver 3 Normal
30th 3.99 million LAS Silver 3 Normal
31st 3.97 million EUW Master 355 LP Normal
32nd 3.86 million EUW Platinum 4 Normal
33rd 3.84 million BR Gold 4 AP Shaco top lane, ignite + TP (why is this so popular?)
34th 3.82 million EUNE Gold 1 AP Shaco support
35th 3.76 million LAS Gold 1 AP Shaco support
36th 3.75 million EUNE Platinum 3 Normal
37th 3.73 million LAN Diamond 2 Normal
38th 3.716 million NA Diamond 1 Normal
39th 3.714 million EUW Silver 4 Normal
40th 3.68 million BR Master 456 LP Normal
41st 3.66 million NA Platinum 4 Normal
42nd 3.65 million NA Platinum 3 Normal
43rd 3,622,338 LAS Unranked (Diamond 3 last season) N/A
44th 3,622,215 EUW Master 288 LP AP Shaco support
45th 3.61 million EUW Diamond 2 Normal
46th 3.60 million EUW Gold 3 N/A, only played URF last month
47th 3.59 million EUW Diamond 1 Normal
48th 3.58 million EUNE Master 136 LP Normal
49th 3,563,914 RU Platinum 4 Normal
50th 3,563,380 EUNE Unranked (Gold 3 in season 8) N/A

My fingers are dead after writing that. Anyway, the Shaco's are much higher ranked, with there being 23 master and diamond players combined, compared to the Teemo catalog which shows that half were in Bronze and Silver. This means that, either Shaco mains are very good at the game/Shaco, or the Teemo mains are bad at the game/champion.

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Had a Draven with the strongest mental on my team last night.



That guy was 1/3 at 5 minutes and just played the best he could

Didn't say anything in chat, just farmed for items.

It felt like a fever dream the whole experience was weird. I wasn't sure if my teammates were paid actors or something. We ended up winning cuz Jax hard smurfed it.

Ffs that guy had draven in his username I was 100% waiting for him to start running it and losing us the game.


Actual inspiration

r/leagueoflegends 1h ago

New to league and wanna find the name of a champ


Yesterday one of my teammates ulted me. A bright white/ yellow light surrounded me and they basically landed on my head. Who is this?

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Victory Five vs. Rare Atom / LPL 2022 Summer - Week 5 / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Eventvods.com | New to LoL

Victory Five 2-0 Rare Atom

V5 | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website
RA | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia

MATCH 1: V5 vs. RA

Winner: Victory Five in 26m | MVP: Rookie (1)
Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
V5 jax corki nidalee nocturne poppy 52.9k 16 10 C1 H2 O3 H4 M5 B6 M7
RA wukong zeri senna gnar yone 39.8k 1 1 None
V5 16-1-33 vs 1-16-2 RA
Rich gwen 3 2-0-7 TOP 0-3-0 4 kayle Cube
XLB Reskai 3 5-0-6 JNG 0-2-1 3 lee sin Leyan
Rookie taliyah 2 1-0-11 MID 0-3-0 2 sylas Strive
Photic kalista 1 6-1-3 BOT 0-5-1 1 aphelios iBoy
ppgod amumu 2 2-0-6 SUP 1-3-0 1 renata glasc yuyanjia

MATCH 2: RA vs. V5

Winner: Victory Five in 21m | MVP: Rookie (2)
Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
RA senna taliyah gangplank sylas ahri 37.0k 7 1 I1 H2 O3
V5 wukong zeri jax fiora renekton 48.8k 23 9 H4 M5 B6
RA 7-23-10 vs 23-7-39 V5
Cube gnar 3 0-5-1 TOP 5-1-5 4 irelia Rich
Leyan nidalee 2 3-3-3 JNG 6-3-9 1 xin zhao XLB
Strive twisted fate 3 2-5-1 MID 4-1-6 3 lissandra Rookie
iBoy kalista 1 1-5-2 BOT 8-2-6 2 aphelios Photic
yuyanjia amumu 2 1-5-3 SUP 0-0-13 1 renata glasc ppgod

Patch 12.12

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Mephisto on the Haru/Bo jungle situation at Vitality: "At some point, when the time is right, we will incorporate him into the roster in a suitable way. But I think Bo is gonna be a super curveball that we can throw at our opponents at any time, even the day before a match."

Thumbnail dexerto.com

r/leagueoflegends 17h ago

Will Team Liquid RAMPAGE their way to the top? Are TSM/IMT salvageable? feat. Jatt | HLL 229

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/leagueoflegends 2h ago

After seeing the taliyah montage in the frontpage i wanted to share this sick play my jungler made with her.

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