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Daily Discussion Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 22 January 2022


Welcome to the /r/formula1 Daily Discussion / Q&A thread.

This thread is a hub for general discussion and questions about Formula 1, that don't need threads of their own.

Are you new to Formula 1? This is the place for you. Ever wondered why it's called a lollipop man? Why the cars don't refuel during pitstops? Or when Mika will be back from his sabbatical? Ask any question you might have here, and the community will answer.

Also make sure you check out our guide for new fans, and our FAQ for new fans.

Are you a veteran fan, longing for the days of lollipop men, refueling during pitstops, and Mika Häkkinen? This is the place to introduce new fans to your passion and knowledge of the sport.

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Today's random F1 facts:

Daily Facts by /u/Fart_Leviathan

  • Sebastian Vettel holds the record for most consecutive wins, having bagged nine in a row during the 2013 season.

  • Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix five times in a row from 1989 to 1993.

  • The Nürburgring is the only circuit to have hosted four different Grands Prix: The German GP, the European GP, the Luxembourg GP and the Eifel GP.

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/r/Formula1 /r/Formula1's Best of 2021


Hello /r/formula1!

Happy Christmas, Merry New Year, and so on. Once again we find ourselves in the darkest of times: The Offseason. And in these dark times, we must grasp any ray of light we can - and so, we present to you, the Annual /r/formula1 Best Of Awards.

Nominations and voting are now open in the comments below. We're handing out the awards in January (Voting ends a few days before. We'll announce the exact date soon).

To submit nominations for these awards, please add a comment to the category below - and upvote who you think should win. Please limit your nominations to one per comment, and - I can't stress this enough - if someone's already made the nomination, don't submit the same. Nominations not adhering to these rules will be removed.

Just like last year, the awards are split in Sporting awards and Redditor awards.

Let's start off with the Redditor awards.

Redditor Awards

These are the awards given out to the users of the sub, for the content and comments they've posted in 2021. All nominations for these awards must be either a user, comment or post on Reddit.

Award Description Nominations / Voting
The Grand Chelem Redditor of the year Link
The MP4/4 Award Best original content or original post Link
The Caterham Golden Snout Best fan art Link
The Niki Lauda Golden Cap Best overall comment Link
The Eddie Jordan Award Best prediction Link
Ted's Red Ribbon Best analysis Link
The Gerhard Berger Cup Funniest post or comment Link
The Bernie Ecclestone Award Best offseason shitpost Link
The Kimiquokka Memorial Award Most controversial post or comment Link
The We Couldn't Come Up With A Clever Name Award Best F1 related sub that's not /r/Formula1 Link

Sporting awards

These awards celebrate the sport we all love, and the people in it.

Award Nominations / Voting
Driver of the Year Link
Team of the Year Link
Race of the Year Link
Drive of the Year Link
Best livery Link
Best helmet design Link
Rookie of the Year Link
Battle or rivalry of the Year Link
Biggest blunder Link
Crash of the Year Link
Funniest race incident Link
Most wholesome moment Link
The Sportsmanship Award Link
Best F1 Related Social Media account Link


As with anything else, this is made better by rules.

To be eligible a post or comment must have been made in 2021.

Winners will receive a special flair and Reddit awards.

If a banned user wins, they will not receive any award or flair.

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Video Honda v Mercedes power in 2017


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Photo Gasly's preseason work-out in Miami

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Photo /r/all 55 days to go until Bahrain FP1 with our Smooth Operator, Carlos Sainz!

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Photo Albon's first day at Williams

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Photo I would kill for a title fight this season between these two....

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Statistics In 2021, the Spanish and Hungarian GPs were the races where the race results were most and least similar to the qualifying results

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Photo When Nokia was a sponsor in F1: Mika Salo in his Tyrrell 023 in 1995. Nokia withdrew the sponsorship the next year, only to never return.

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News Alfa optimistic that Zhou can emulate Verstappen and Leclerc

Thumbnail racingnews365.com

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Photo Throwback to how goofy the 2016 McLaren numbers were

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Photo My Alpha Tauri AT03 concept design. Made using mobile. (It's something different so don't kill me)

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News Ticktum admits lack of F1 opportunity partly self-inflicted

Thumbnail racefans.net

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Statistics Ferrari engine race wins

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Photo 4 Sponsors/Partners McLaren & Ferrari Have Shared:

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Off-Topic [OT] TIL Romain Grosjean competed in the 2010 24 of Le Mans for Matech Competition in a Ford GT! Unfortunately his team retired on lap 171.

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Photo Mick Schumacher amount of days till testing Bahrain

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Off-Topic [OT] Kevin Magnussen's car for the 2022 24 Hours of Daytona.

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Misc Happy 29th birthday to Rio Haryanto!

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Photo 15 year old me meeting the late, great Murray Walker circa 2001.

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Art Probably the greatest thing I’ve ever made!

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Photo My Williams FW44 concept design. Made using mobile. :-D

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Social Media Gasly at the brand new Miami gp

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News Villeneuve defends Masi: He did everything right

Thumbnail racingnews365.com

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Video A very Finnish conversation between Kimi and Valterri

Thumbnail streamable.com

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Art Digital drawing of sir Lewis Hamilton I made few months ago.

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Photo (oc) A photo I took of Max at the last home race of Honda in Japan 2019.

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