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9 year old boy beats on black neighbors door with a whip and parents confront the boys father and the father displays a firearm and accidentally discharges it at the end 🏆 Mod's Choice 🏆

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u/KobeBeatJesus 13d ago

"You got any video of it?" Yes, I do. "Get off of my property"


u/[deleted] 13d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/DontPanicTrell 13d ago


u/Bigpoppahove 13d ago

Sketchy click of the day, possibly a legit site but not clicking enter


u/NeatNefariousness1 13d ago

Googling his name works fine. Glad the guy was arrested. He probably thought nothing would come of his warped behavior. It's not clear what more will happen to him but at the very least the neighbor filed a report and the police responded. It's a low bar to expect appropriate action for such over-the-line behavior. We'll see if it's a standard that can be met.


u/O_o-22 13d ago

All the googling I did lead to articles riddled with grammar mistakes and and sentences that were word salad. Mentions of a stolen gun also made no sense, the gun the guy used was stolen? Or it was “stolen” by the police? Idk, I was trying to find out the guy got a felony firearm charge or not, that would be a two year minimum if convicted all because dad raised a shitty kid, thought he was big man with a gun and practiced the worst gun safety ever. Frigging dummy


u/NeatNefariousness1 12d ago

He was charged with deadly conduct and now they appear to be adding a charge due to the fact that the weapon he negligently discharged was stolen. The court documents were a bit clearer than some of the stories that appear to have been written in a foreign language and translated into English by a bot or a non-native speaker.


u/O_o-22 12d ago

Yeah then I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some more charges then. Maybe don’t wave your stolen gun around? I just hope this is a turning point for his kid cause his shitty behavior that lead to dads shitty behavior is going to get dad locked up for prob a minimum of two years, maybe more.

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u/penpineapplebanana 13d ago edited 13d ago

Pro tip—most sheriff offices have public inmate searches online. Looks like Mr. Brunson is already released on bail because he’s not there.

Edit; since this is getting a lot of upvotes. The same applies to state and federal prisons.

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u/y0ungfreshpickles 13d ago

Is anyone even surprised?

The kid had to have learned that demeanor somewhere, and he certainly didn't get it from school, especially with people sterilizing education in this day and age.

Not to mention, who the hell has a whip in their possession?


u/ptmadre 13d ago

also with a father like this for a role model this kid will be really vile and disgusting by the time he's 18


u/y0ungfreshpickles 12d ago

I'd say 18 is being optimistic...

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u/ZergistRush 13d ago

I just saw another post that didn't have the beginning and I just assumed it was some older kid like 14-18 but this is a YOUNG kid. 😐


u/Ersatzrealism 13d ago

Time for child services.


u/pistpuncher3000 13d ago edited 13d ago Platinum Starry

They can't do shit. As long as the child isn't being abused, unfortunately they're allowed to raise him to have whatever beliefs they want.

Edit: I did word it a little wrong. It's not that they can't do shit it's that nothing will be done. CPS might come and take a look but unless they find evidence of abuse or unhealthy living environment they won't do anything. It's not that the don't want to but the judicial system would not back them. This so what's wrong with our system, we have the wrong people in office. People who don't care about this kind of stuff. So please, go out and vote. Vote for change, vote for a better future vote all these disgusting, aging, corrupt assholes out.


u/WonderfulJacket8 13d ago

Well you could have a case for negligence since there was a accidental firearm discharge within the dwelling.


u/Tinmania 13d ago

There is no such thing as an “accidental“ discharge. It’s either intentional or negligent. That’s it.


u/FoodMuseum 13d ago Gold All-Seeing Upvote This

My only pedantic caveat is that the term "accidental discharge" does have a role when describing a mechanical failure that an otherwise reasonable, diligent operator would not be able to prevent. Which happens so fucking infrequently in modern guns I feel bad even mentioning it here, but it's useful in discussions specifically in contrast to gross negligence. Like we see here, because this was a textbook negligent discharge.


u/WhyUFuckinLyin 13d ago

I actually needed this explanation


u/hmclaren0715 13d ago

I didn't know that I needed it, but now I have it and I am satisfied.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago edited 8d ago


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u/BADSTALKER 13d ago

That’s a really interesting distinction I hadn’t considered. I’m not pro taking kids away, but damn, hard to just sit back and have to just watch this little kid grow up to be a waste of flesh like his father. Sad.

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u/patricky6 13d ago

Uhh... Shooting a handgun off after brandishing it during an argument is definitely grounds for CPS removal.


u/pistpuncher3000 13d ago

It might get a CPS visit, but if they hide the abuse and bad things well enough nothing will come of it aside from some discharging a weapon in city limits charges.


u/patricky6 13d ago

The sad and disturbing part is, you are probably spot on and my comment is only wishful thinking.

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u/WhyamImetoday 13d ago

The cost to the US taxpayer to put every child who needs it in child services would surpass all current social welfare spending.

There is a reason Texas gave back all the kids abused by the FLDS cult, the bill just got too high.


u/JetEngineKyle 13d ago

I always thought it was bc the kids were to old for a resident of Texas to care about. They kids had already been born after all


u/JustagirlSD60 13d ago

Love the fetus, hate the child

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u/george_pierre 13d ago

What you've never done an office pop?

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u/HealthyBox5 13d ago Helpful

Trash breeds trash, way too often.

Good on the folks who realize how awful their parents are and improve. This is so sad.


u/TolstoysMyHomeboy 13d ago

He's gonna grow up to be a shit-apple tree just like his father


u/No-Advice-6040 13d ago

The shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree, randy bo bandy.


u/JudgeyMcJudgepants 13d ago

All we can do now my little randy bo bandy is wait and have a little drinky boo. Sooner than later the shit storm will take care of those shit birds.


u/KurtAngus 13d ago

A shit leopard never changes it’s shit spots, randy

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u/UnitGhidorah 13d ago edited 13d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

"Stop accusing my son..."

"We have it on video, want to see it?"


Edit: Thanks for the ups and awards!


u/skynet_666 13d ago Wholesome

“You ain’t talking nicely”

Neither is your goddamn kid wtf


u/Deep90 13d ago edited 13d ago Silver Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

It's a power move.

Abusive people typically demand respect they don't deserve, and it's his way of having control over the situation by placing conditions on how the conversation has to take place.


u/TheImminentFate 13d ago

It’s classic “respect my authority and maybe I’ll respect you as a person” bullshit


u/Efriminiz 13d ago

My boss is like this. Holy shit do I hate that man. Complete fucking tool of a human being.


u/OverseerVault420 13d ago

You should quit fuck shitty bosses.

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u/Adkit 13d ago

"Get out of my face!" Is aggressively in their face

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u/save_us_catman 13d ago

Right like??? My son would be in trouble to put it lightly to the police

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u/lonewombat 13d ago

There is no accusation sir, there is proof.

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u/rudmad 13d ago

dON'T sTeP oN mY pLaNt UwU


u/Fredloks8 13d ago

Lol those plants look dead af.


u/Silverwing2008 13d ago

Dead like his mf brain

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u/_cansir 13d ago

Thats my vine 🤪

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u/Drake_Night 13d ago

This is what “Don’t tread on me” looks like

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u/palimbackwards 13d ago

Why the fuck does a kid have a whip?


u/Romano16 13d ago All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Narwhal Salute

He took it from daddy...and went over to play out what daddy has been saying. Kids imitate their parents.


u/chevybow 13d ago

Honestly I think the parents just gave the kid the whip and told him what to do. It's one thing to imitate but to go over to someone's property and intimidate them in this manner? It's just not something I could see a young child doing without being told to do so. Repeating a racial slur they heard their parents use? Sure that's realistic. Acting out this whole ordeal because of racist parents? Seems a little far-fetched to me.

Wouldn't even surprise me if the parents bought the whip specifically for intimidating the black family through the use of their children.


u/Gamergonemild 13d ago

He certainly didn't seem surprised to hear what the kid did that's for sure


u/owa00 13d ago

Yeah, that just tells me where the kid got the idea. 100% it was the kid acting out what daddy has always told him to do. It's disgusting the kid is probably being indoctrinated.

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u/SavingsPerfect2879 13d ago

"I'll go over that there and whip that **************"

obviously you didn't grow up with this.

I did.

Fuck yeah the kid has heard it a milion times.

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u/Fuzzy-Butterscotch86 13d ago

I had three when I was a kid. I was a pretty huge fan of Indiana Jones and they were sold at pretty much every shitty little gift shop in New Hampshire.

I doubt this kid knows who Indiana Jones is though.


u/MsMyska 13d ago

A bull whip would have kind of made sense as an ill-advised toy, but that looked like a driving whip. Kind of weird for some random kid in the suburbs to have a driving whip.


u/absentbird 13d ago

Yeah, I played with a bullwhip as a kid, tore it to pieces cracking it in my yard. But the first thing my parents told me was "be careful, never swing at a person or their stuff"

The whip is bad enough, but the way it was being used is worse IMO

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u/DBasterd 13d ago

The worse fucking nightmare… imagine after all the shit that one goes to buy a home and that you get a piece of shit like that as a neighbor


u/kodex1717 13d ago

My neighbors a really nice. Really happy with the folks I moved in next door to. However, twice now the same random guy has threatened, while he is walking by, to come and shoot my dog in the middle of the night. The first time because the dog was barking (I guess?). The second time because he saw my dog sitting quietly and is a total piece of shit, presumably. People are great.


u/ElephantTeeth 13d ago

Put up a camera, my dude.


u/kodex1717 13d ago

Done day one. Went with a kit from Arlo. Not really happy about the video quality, though. Caught the second altercation on camera, but couldn't see the guy's face or really make out what he was saying from the video compression. Really frustrating.


u/Groovyaardvark 13d ago edited 13d ago

I will never say a good thing about Arlo after how their products and their service have treated me.

I have had 3 generations of Arlo cameras. I went with them because at the time they were the only easy "out of the box" camera set up with at least some privacy protections. Local storage, no subscription fees etc.

Every single battery failed within a year or less. All 3 cameras, 5 batteries in total I went through. I did some reading and it seems like their battery issues are a widespread problem. People recommended getting some off brand batteries and what do you know, they worked fine. Quite the coincidence...

All 3 of my Arlo cameras do not work correctly in some way or another.

The video compression, the wifi connection drops, poor motion detection. It was just too much. I spent hours and hours doing all the right things to improve things but NOPE. The video it does manage to capture is next to worthless. Half the screen will be bars of pixels and most times it won't start recording in time and will only capture ~15 seconds, even if set to record for as long as possible.

Arlo hardware is garbage. Their customer service is garbage. Years ago, I recall them actually being halfway decent. Not anymore! hard to get any response. They will use any excuse not to honor a warranty now. Fun!

I just got a Reolink camera and the difference is night and day. It is unreal how much better it is in every way. It just confirmed it all for me. Arlo is total dog shit.

Do yourself a kindness and get a different brand man. The things are so cheap these days you can't afford not to have a decent quality camera that actually works.


u/frugal_masturbater 13d ago

Anything Arlo can go fuck itself. Jesus Christ we bought their baby cam because seemed cool you could watch the stream on your phone.

That god damn thing didn't work half the time, and our Wifi is really solid. Returned it to Amazon, got an old-school one with a dedicated monitor, never any issues.

Arlo devices, no thanks. Not surprising that Netgear has a major stake in them, their recent products are garbage.

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u/Mad102190 13d ago

Just get a new one. However much it costs is still worth it.

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u/No_Step_0n_Snek 13d ago

My neighbor sits on his porch and yells “DONALD TRUMP!” Every time he sees me, and shoots bottle rockets at my house. I have never had a conversation with this man.

He started it after I had a poker night on my porch and I assume it’s because some of the friends I had over to play are black. He’s been doing it ever since.


u/Upstairs_Cow 13d ago

How in the hell does someone become so culturally barren to do this type of shit? I mean, how big of a loser do you have to be to yell a politician’s name at your neighbors? It’s legit as pathetic as it gets.


u/thewivels62 13d ago

Aggression, mixed with lack of intelligence.


u/self_loathing_ham 13d ago

An aggressive lack of intelligence

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u/skinoutyuhpunani 13d ago

It's just a dogwhistle for all the racist shit they don't dare to say out loud

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u/stay_fr0sty 13d ago

People are saying to react. I say don't even notice it a little so he won't get pleasure out of his trolling.

Put in ear buds when you go outside, even if they are off and not playing music and act like you don't hear him.

That is a miserable man looking for human interaction, even if it's negative. Don't give him the pleasure.

Oh and have more black dudes over. Fuck this guy.

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u/Phillip_Lipton 13d ago I'm Deceased

Do the exact same thing back and blow his fucking mind lol. Wear the hat too.


u/No_Step_0n_Snek 13d ago

Just yell “Let’s go Brandon” back at him? Lmao


u/Gigatron_0 13d ago

Careful, he might try and befriend you


u/occult_minecraft 13d ago

Cool, maybe he'll say things the fbi should like to be informed about.

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u/[deleted] 13d ago


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u/[deleted] 13d ago


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u/[deleted] 13d ago


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u/SponConSerdTent 13d ago

I had to live with a piece of shit like that in a duplex. He would get mad and carry a rifle around the yard. We lived upstairs and he lived downstairs.

He broke the side view mirror off of our car 3 times, I think he just drove into it on purpose. We asked him about it and he said "street kids" aka black kids in the neighborhood obviously did it. He was racist as hell too. But it always happened after he'd gotten pissed off, what a coincidence.

It was a living nightmare for a whole year til I could finish the lease. He was always red-faced, drunk, and angry, carrying around guns. Threatened to shoot a cat we were feeding in the neighborhood because he was pissed off one day, so we brought her inside that day and have had her ever since.

"Say goodbye to that cat, she'll be gone soon" is one thing I remember him saying to my SO; he was ranting to her when I wasn't home about how he was going to kill our poor little sick street kitty because it would get into little tussles with their big ass strong mean cat, and they would make some noise every once in a while. My SO was bawling and he just kept going on and on about how he was going to kill our cat.

He barred me from leaving multiple times, blocking my only exit to the house while he ranted and raved about absolute bullshit.

Just a mediocre piece of shit dude mad at the whole world because he thinks he deserves everything, huge ego and little to show for it. It put me and my SO on edge 24/7, we were practically tip-toeing around because any noise we made would result in him pounding on our door and us breathing his cheap whiskey breath out of his tomato-face while we tried to calm him down.

He made slightly-veiled death threats all the time towards us. Cops could do nothing. We always knew he was mad because he would be walking around the yard with a rifle.

I guess I needed to vent that, fuck you Brandon. You're a piece of shit. There are people who exist in a constant state of anger and victimhood, and when they have guns they are terrifying to live next to. I always wondered when he would snap and just start shooting bullets into our bedroom.


u/Fluid-Change-7762 13d ago

How the fuck could cops do nothing when he’s literally brandishing?


u/grr 13d ago

Brandishing while drunk even.

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u/wickedang3l 13d ago

Start arresting every drunk with a gun and the police won’t have anyone to recruit.

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u/pigwalk5150 13d ago

Jesus that sounds terrifying. I’m so sorry you had to experience that. I’m glad you got out of there. You’re going to see Brandon on the news someday.

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u/PotentiallyNotSatan 13d ago

Lmao, puts the gun down for a fair fight & immediately grabs it when the guy accepts the fight xD


u/Impressive_Yoghurt 13d ago

My guess is he was baiting him back to his porch to “legally” shoot him.


u/L1A_M 13d ago

What’s the law in this situation? Like surely he can’t legally shoot him because he’s baited him into coming after him


u/Attack-Cat- 13d ago

He’d go to jail, but the other guy’d be dead so…lose lose

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u/hazmatte 13d ago

This is as close to the scenario as I can recall. The shooter did not go to jail.


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u/seaul8ter 13d ago

Little shit of a kid being raised by a festering shit of a person


u/Hot_Pomegranate7168 13d ago

Yeah, really sad to be honest.


u/BoonTobias 13d ago

TIL cracka comes from the crack of the whip and not saltine biscuits


u/SubcommanderMarcos 13d ago edited 13d ago

... To this day I thought it was because white people are pale, like crackers

In my defense, not my first language, but still

e: This is wrong! The term comes from Scottish and Irish Gaelic craic, as in banter, loud chatting.


u/Zombie_Carl 13d ago

Don’t feel bad, I assumed it had something to do with color, as well. English is my first language, AND I grew up in the south!

I guess I was just waiting around all these years for Reddit to explain the etymology to me.


u/MisterDisinformation 13d ago

I always laughed at "cracka" because I thought it meant I was white like a saltine, and that's true.

Huh, reality is less funny.

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u/abevigodasmells 13d ago edited 13d ago

Commenters below are the type of people pulling the country in the direction we're headed. Congrats.


u/taws34 13d ago

Who the fuck has a long horsewhip like that at home, in the burbs?

Dollars to donuts says that family does not own horses, let alone a buggy.


u/Penguinz90 13d ago

Someone gave my mom one as a souvenir once. Unfortunately she was an abusive alcoholic and would whip me on my back with it. Our dog would freak out and got a hold of it one day and chewed the shit out of it. My mom taped it back up with masking tape but it was much weaker after that (not that I let in on that fact). I loved that dog...unfortunately my mom got pissed at us (kids) over who knows what and as a punishment she took him to surrender him to the ASPCA. He was the sweetest red Doberman and someone who was there looking for a dog fell in love with him and my mom gave him to that family right there in the parking lot. But I digress...sorry.

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u/ApolloXLII 13d ago edited 12d ago Facepalm

People are quick to blame parents for every kid behavior

Yeah because 99.999% of the time, the parents are to blame for their child's behavior. Kids are a reflection of their environment. It's the parents' responsibility to give their children the appropriate environment.

Edit: lol so many shit parents in here judging by the replies. Yes, you suck at parenting and yes I am judging you for your lack of spine with your children.

double edit: Little Billy being a "free spirit" is no excuse for your lazy parenting. Nice try though trying to sound better than thou while also spewing a toooon of hate and vitriol. Also the people getting hung up on the arbitrary percentage used to embellish my point is just more entertainment for me. No shit it's not 99.999%. It's closer to 99.9% ;)


u/kevoccrn 13d ago

Worked 7 years in Children’s inpatient psych and can confirm. Parents are fucking horrible. Seen so many kids completely screwed up due to negligent or abusive parenting. This kid is 100% a product of his environment.

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u/ac1084 13d ago

Today in the news was another story of a 3rd grader with a loaded gun in his book bag, and the family in this video is how I always picture them. Kid probably got the whip from moms dresser.


u/munk_e_man 13d ago

That shit is definitely a fetish whip lol

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u/Brinoc21 13d ago

Children of the corn . Kid looks brainwashed.


u/I_Brain_You 13d ago

He just stood there and stared at the woman after she yelled at him.


u/klavin1 13d ago

kid's probably desensitized to being screamed at


u/woodst0ck15 13d ago

Yea definitely tell that guy hits his kids.


u/SubcommanderMarcos 13d ago

You mean to say the guy that came out holding a gun just to hear a neighbor complaint might have anger issues and take it out on his kid? Unfathomable


u/BettyX 13d ago

Probably hits mom too. Little shit hates girls already.

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u/Plumbanddumb 13d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Snek Eureka!

The most dangerous weapon is one controlled by a coward.


u/souk92i 13d ago

I will steal that statement. Excellent quote.

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u/More_Bicycle_9444 13d ago

Wtf is wrong with that guy....honestly your husband did the right thing by walking away no matter how hard it was ...that other guy was a punk he wouldn't leave his property so he could keep that gun on him


u/catdog918 13d ago

Yeah I kept thinking, “he better just get off his property just to be safe”


u/keelhaulrose 13d ago

Because if the white guy shot the black guy while the black guy was still on his property it probably wouldn't matter if the black guy was walking away, the white guy would get off on "self defense".

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u/riotriotryan 13d ago Take My Energy

What a bitch. Puts down the gun to call the other dudes bluff, as if it’s going to be a fair fight, picks up the gun again as soon as he sees a threat. What a little bitch


u/not_sick_not_well 13d ago

And in the process has an accidental discharge

Edit: negligent discharge


u/slaboshmuck 13d ago

This man should have his carrying license revoked, if he even has one to begin with. Charged with disturbing the peace at a MINIMUM. He gives all responsible gun owners a bad name.


u/SpamWalrus91 13d ago

isn't negligent discharge like that in a urban area a crime? was the pos charged? and with child endangerment too


u/throwawaycanadian 13d ago

I mean, in the video she says he went to jail over it

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u/Romano16 13d ago

And had he been shot the police will say "He stood his ground."


u/qwicmbl 13d ago

Yep. He was 100% trying to bait that dude to come at him.

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u/indoninja 13d ago

Other than the rampant racism, that has got to be the part that bothers me the most.

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u/Sirtopofhat 13d ago

That ending was such a bitch move puts the gun down and as soon as thr guy moved toward he reaches back for it.


u/Dyelonnn 13d ago

It's such a bitch move dude. It goes to show how murderous a lot of people are. Small to medium severity situations and they can't deal with them, they are ready to kill if they can justify it with any whack ass law possible. So pathetic.

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u/InanetV 13d ago

He aint shit without his gun and he knows it


u/SharpGuesser 13d ago

even with the gun


u/bootes_droid 13d ago

Especially with the gun, this is the kind of person who doesn't need firearms

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u/cottonfist 13d ago

You can see him panic and reach for it when the guy doubles back. Lol


u/Captaintorchflower 13d ago

Oh shit can't get in a fist fight without mah gunn.

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u/CancelTheEngine 13d ago

I’d almost guarantee this was a bait. Neighbor probably put the gun down to entice the other guy into walking over/charging him for a fight, that way neighbor would have “cause” to shoot and claim self defense. This is a gun owner too itchy to use it and he should never be allowed to own a firearm again. What a fucking moron


u/ItsScaryTerryBitch 13d ago

Yeah that's exactly why it discharged too. Nobody picks up a gun with the trigger if they aren't planning on using that trigger.

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u/Kunundrum85 13d ago

Wow he actually popped a shot off. Based on the fact the neighbor who confronted him was leaving, and posed no threat, wouldn’t this be against the law? Like this doesn’t even qualify as “stand your ground,” at that point. Fucking idiot.


u/InBabylonTheyWept 13d ago

That wasn't a warning shot, it was an accidental discharge. That being said, at least in my home state, it appears to be a class 6 felony, and for good reason. Failing to treat guns with the utmost caution in a public space is at least as criminally negligent as a DUI.


u/idreamofgreenie 13d ago

Negligent* discharge.

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u/BrokebackStonker 13d ago

I have a feeling that this would’ve ended quite different had she not been recording.

Amazing how one man can destroy an entire family and neighborhood.


u/sebrebc 13d ago

Absolutely. If there was no recording the headline would have been "black man is shot after attacking neighbor after Son accidentally knocked on wrong door."


u/SuedeVeil 13d ago edited 13d ago

I'm guessing "man defends property and 9 year old son against violent trespasser"

They definitely wouldn't mention the man shot was black for fear of getting the "wrong kind" of media attention


u/JeevesAI 13d ago

It’s very disturbing how easy it is to completely twist the narrative

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u/Wandering_By_ 13d ago

Breitbart would run it that way with the video.

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u/mandalorbmf 13d ago

Hopefully a police report was filled out


u/Maria-Stryker 13d ago

In the video the woman said he went to jail for this


u/OrigamiPlesiosaurus 13d ago

Yeah, but only because this was the third time


u/eeyore134 13d ago

Probably only because he shot his gun off and they had proof on video. If he didn't shoot the gun they would have just let him off even though he was brandishing. If they didn't get it on video they would have said there was no proof and done nothing like they did the last two times.

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u/klavin1 13d ago

this is where social media has a benefit

enough noise puts a big spotlight on tacit approval from law enforcement

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u/klavin1 13d ago

You saying there's a mugshot of this man somewhere?

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u/qwicmbl 13d ago

Wow good. Sad that I’m surprised.

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u/mandalorbmf 13d ago

Couldn’t hear her overdub till I got home. She posted elsewhere without the info

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u/incomprehensiblegarb 13d ago

That dude was looking for a reason to shoot them. He wanted too and would have if it weren't for the fact that he would go to jail. That dude needs to go to Prison.

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u/Alternative_Week_174 13d ago

Lol ofc his father says the hard r while reaching for his gun 🤣😅, muh freedumbs


u/btbam666 13d ago

He was hoping to get a violent reaction out of him so he could shoot. But failed.


u/Rebelpeb 13d ago

Good Lord that's horrible

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u/Dbar412 13d ago

Idk that sounds like child endangerment to me. Almost shooting his daughter. Would be a shame if someone showed this video to child services

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u/Ezziboo 👌PublicFreakout Legend 13d ago

We need doorbell cams with built-in, remote-controlled pepper spray dispensers.

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u/blindwit 13d ago

Shitty people breed shitty kids.

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u/Navy_Vet83 13d ago

Holy shit, this happened in my neighborhood!


u/[deleted] 13d ago



u/CSirizar 13d ago


u/Brokenheartedrobot09 13d ago

Dang imagine the police saying they're moving and it'll sort itself out. Wtf


u/thoriginal 13d ago

This happens with the families reversed, there's at least one person killed by police

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u/ExpiredExasperation 13d ago

That is... pretty terribly written. But how is "they're moving soon so it'll work out" an acceptable response?

"Officer, this man punched me in the face and said he wants to break into my house and murder me in my sleep!"

"Yeah, but his flight back to Denver leaves in three days so, y'know, how likely is it you'll ever see him again? "


u/geeky_username 13d ago

But how is "they're moving soon so it'll work out" an acceptable response?

The same Dallas police that didn't want to investigate a girl being kidnapped



u/ExpiredExasperation 13d ago

Kidnapping and sex trafficking? And they brushed it off. Beyond disgusting.

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u/FuturesOnlyHope 13d ago

Accidentally discharging a firearm is a crime in many instances.


u/beardierthanthou 13d ago

We called it a negligent discharge in the Marines. Guns don't go off accidentally.


u/0311 13d ago

Unless an officer does it, then it's an accident.

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u/pakepake 13d ago

The shit heel didn't fall far from the shit heel tree.

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u/FeistyAgency9994 13d ago

We had a neighbor that lived up the street that was like this. Flying his Trump flag. He had at least five surveillance cameras all around his house. He always had a gun on him even when he was out in his shorts mowing his lawn.

Thankfully covid took care of the problem. Somebody else just bought his house. I hope they're nice.


u/a_smith55 13d ago

we had a dude down the street like this. Caught covid in DC during the Jan 6th protest. Came back got the whole house infected. He was dead by Presidents Day.. oh well


u/PhaliceInWonderland 13d ago

Presidents Day, how ironic ....

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u/Svellack 13d ago Take My Energy

*Negligently. The dumb racist fuck.


u/lkelly16 13d ago

Would love to see the follow up on what happened if/when police arrived.


u/militantnegro_IV 13d ago

They simply informed the Black family that their neighbours are moving soon so it would "sort itself out".

Super helpful.

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u/Romano16 13d ago edited 13d ago

Reminds me of the movie "THEM" from Amazon Prime...Racist parents teach their children the same racist ideals...they act it out...then when the black parents confront the white neighbors they act like they are the victims.

For anyone who watched "THEM" remember the scene where the white kid pees on the black familys' laundry?

And when confronted he attacked the mom with a stick? Then the whole neighborhood acts like she made a false accusation to chase down and beat a white child???

This video reminds me of that scene exactly!


u/Arjvoet 13d ago

Legit though, the way that kid walked up all angry and whipping the door? Very creepy, it concerns me to imagine where he will be in 10-15 years.


u/tsilihin666 13d ago This

Probably a senator


u/Guy_ManMuscle 13d ago

Tossing back some beers with the boys on the Supreme Court

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u/NonZealot 13d ago

In prison.

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u/cam9life 13d ago

That show was intense. My wife and I had to take a break from that show after the "cat in a bag" scene

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u/whoreheyrrmartini 13d ago

I reckoned father urged son to go over there with that whip. Pos

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u/godel32 13d ago

Such racist anger in the whole family, from the little boy to his father. So shameful.


u/Inhoc1989 13d ago

As a person who rides the middle in gun control in the US, my choice becomes more simple when I see dipshits like this. Almost killed his daughter because of terrible technique and protocol. Dude had zero reason to have that weapon to talk to a neighbor


u/minimalchaos 13d ago

You saying the guy didnt follow proto?


u/jedipsy 13d ago

He's about to lose his life, bud


u/Erniecrack 13d ago

Touch her camera through the fence

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u/OperatorDelta07 13d ago Helpful

He’s ain’t featherin it brother, he’s gonna get the stamp.

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u/Conald_Petersen 13d ago

How'd you get a job here fuckface??


u/SchuylarTheCat 13d ago

I love seeing other jeans in the wild. Keep ‘em high and tight

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u/NederFinsUK 13d ago

Ah yes, the old pick up the live firearm by the trigger manoeuvre, the oldest trick in the book.


u/1nvent 13d ago

Accidentally... negligent discharge, he's clearly incapable of being responsible for a firearm. Trigger discipline isn't taught anymore?

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u/redditsufferer 13d ago

That guy is gonna say "I know my rights" all the way to jail. Moron

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u/whosezthat 13d ago

Ugh!! And the cycle continues! Utterly disgusting behavior. That kid is gonna whip on the wrong door one day.

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u/tuigger 13d ago

He puts the gun down, says he's ready to throw down, then picked it back up when his neighbor starts approaching again then shoots the gun on accident.

What a fucking chode.


u/Phreekyj101 13d ago

Fuck those hillbilly wannabe losers, there’s no place for that

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u/bmosm 13d ago

What a fucking coward piece of shit


u/Your_Pal_Kindred 13d ago

Yeah fr. Puts his gun down all "come on fight me like a man" then picks it straight back up when he realises the guy would actually fight him. In my country, he is what we call a "Fucking pussy cunt"

I normally don't use words like that, but I think they're deserved for people like him

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u/demer_623 13d ago

Did the gun go off on him 😂


u/blorgenheim 13d ago

It went off because he pulled the trigger.

Because he’s an idiot.


u/Dray_Gunn 13d ago

Probably picked it up by the trigger. Like a moron.

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u/ivie4118 13d ago

that kid should be removed from that house and the father should be arrested for brandishing and discharge of the gun

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