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Announcement Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 - Nominations!


Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 Nominations

It's this time of the year where you, as a community, decide what was the best of this subreddit for 2021.

In this thread you can make nominations for the 14 awards categories you want to see in our community's best of 2021 awards. This thread is just for nominations and discussion with no focus on upvotes. We will be posting a thread for voting about everything a week or so after this post goes up.

The winners will receive reddit premium and get to have a special flair of their own choosing (as long as it's not a terrible thing)

For 2021, the following 14 categories have been chosen :

  • Best Nakama of the Year (not your favorite Straw Hat, but the /r/OnePiece subscriber you feel contributed the most to the sub. Please also note that moderators of this subreddit are not eligible for this award.)

  • Best One Piece Character of the Year (Characters who were introduced or extensively featured during the past year).

  • Best One Piece Character Design of the year.

  • Best Manga Chapter of the Year (Eligible chapters: 1000 - 1035).

  • Best Anime Episode of the Year (Eligible episodes: 957 - 1004).

  • Best Manga Panel/Anime screenshot of 2021.

  • Best Animation sequence in the Anime for 2021.

  • Best Fan Created Content of the Year (OC). (Only OC will be accepted, but it can be either fanart, merchandise post, cosplay, animation, coloring, so anything created by a fan and shared by the creator in this subreddit), separated into three subcategories : Best Fanart, Best Fanart (for Funny content), Best OC post that isn't Fanart.

  • Best Theory of the Year. (The theories nominated are part of this list here), so there will be a preselection before to choose 1-2 per months (Maybe more depending on how they are liked.) Here is the link to vote for them : Theory nomination

  • Best Comment of the Year (It can be part of a comment chain, or just a single comment made within 2021 for something related to One Piece and this subreddit).

  • Best Post of the Year (Can be anything).

And now, for the Open Categories :

  • Best Cover page of 2021

  • Best Color spread of 2021

  • Most unexpected moment in the Manga of 2021.

Here are some rules for the Panels/scenes nomination :

  1. Must be a panel/screenshot from chapters 1000 - 1035 or from episodes 957 - 1004 (including the TV Special).
  2. For manga panels, must be a single panel. It has to be a single panel. The panel can be the size of an entire double spread or a tiny corner of a page but, again, one panel. (And be sure to link them)
  3. Manga panels can have dialogue in them.
  4. For episode screenshots, can be from either the main episode or openings (this includes the Episode of Skipiea TV Special).
  5. Panel and Screenshot contests will be separate contests.
  6. The best animation in the anime requires a good quality clip in high definition.

As always, please be sure to include some of your thoughts justifying your nominations for each category.

Warning: the best manga chapter, best OP character, and best panel nominations may contain spoilers for anime watchers. Please view with caution and submitters please use spoiler tags where appropriate!

Tentative Schedule:

January 20th: Nominations Thread.

January 31st: Voting Thread.

February 10th: Announcing the Winners.

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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1037 - Official Release Discussion


Chapter 1037 is out on Mangaplus

Post all discussions, reaction about this release in this thread.


Join us at https://discord.gg/onepiece to discuss One Piece instantly with fellow nakama!

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Media Who do you think got the best statue of them, Robin and Brook looks dope.

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Media Zoro's statue just gor unveiled! Jinbe should be next this summer.

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r/OnePiece 11h ago Helpful

Discussion Which "Redemption" Battle Would You Like To See The Most ?

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r/OnePiece 12h ago

Powerscaling Hardest characters to powerscale

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r/OnePiece 3h ago

Discussion Withdrawal Withdrawal No Mi


the gorosi might have been talking about the "Withdrawal Withdrawal No Mi", i believe it been dormant for years as the fans lived in peace & stability, and only awakened in the last few chapters with zunisha, CP0, Kaido & Luffy climax, and the many manga breaks, its so legendary that we actually could feel its effect in real life.

This fruit made the majority of One Piece fandom experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and many will go crazy if the next chapter spoiler take any longer to be out.

It true they didn't mention its name in the chapter, but no can can deny the effect it had on us.

r/OnePiece 8h ago

Discussion Strawhats sense of fashion - Tier list

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Fanart Sogeking burns down the World Government flag !

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Fanart My Friend drew it for me 😍 greatest gift ever❤❤

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r/OnePiece 8h ago

Theory About King being a "torture loving pervert"



Basically since we don't have any panel displaying this trait of his we can also asume that this denomination was just Queen making fun of his outfit ?

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Fanart Strawhat drawing number 4: Nami

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r/OnePiece 10h ago

Discussion Which one is you're favorite Luffy design?

Thumbnail gallery

r/OnePiece 2h ago

Discussion Something I see people forget about Kid & Law


These two have been fighting since Rooftop without any break.

People might say they didn't take as much damage but Kid tanked a BM punch straight to the face and also suffered damage from Hawkins while Law tanked Kaido's Thunder Bagua which knocked out Pre-Udon Luffy who literally is a Rubber man.

Luffy ate meat and recovered some stamina & energy while Zoro got a miracle drug and healed himself.

Those two have been fighting without resting and I don't see anybody mention this. Also if they end up winning against Big Mom they are definitely stronger than Zoro.

I would like to add that if Marco comes and help them recover stamina so that they can take the W in the End, it would make much more sense imo.

r/OnePiece 3h ago

Media matching phone/airpods case!

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Media Gear 4 Luffy balloon

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r/OnePiece 10h ago

Discussion End of wano prediction

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r/OnePiece 6h ago

Fanart My favorite Straw Hat duo, Nami and Usopp! What are your favorite duos among the crew? [Fanart by Gabshax]

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r/OnePiece 13h ago

Misc Zoro statue

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r/OnePiece 8h ago

Media Finally got the 88th volume of one piece my favorite manga!

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Fanart Born to Boil coloring by me

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Fanart " The First Son of the Sea" one of my favorite character from One Piece, Jinbei

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r/OnePiece 2h ago

Media Now I'm a part of great Kozuki Clan

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r/OnePiece 1h ago

Fanart Nico Robin drawing process by me:)

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Misc One Piece Toonami 2022 Return Promo

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r/OnePiece 7h ago

Fanart Embroidery of Nami I did for my best friend ❤️

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