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AMA - verified Hi, this is Joss Stone. I'm excited to answer your questions. Ask me anything ! xx


I had so much fun writing and recording my new album with Dave Stewart. The release date will be early next year and I can’t wait to share it with you. Follow along during my ’25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar' as I reveal behind the scenes moments. There just might be a big surprise at the end! https://www.instagram.com/jossstone/ https://www.facebook.com/jossstone https://twitter.com/JossStone https://orcd.co/neverforgetmylove

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/u1xmu4t6as581.jpg

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discussion Best examples of a great song paired with a perfect scene in a film…


It’s nearly impossible to choose my favorite song/scene duo, but three of my favorites are Ordinary World by Duran Duran in the movie layer cake, Head over Heels by Tears for Fears in Donnie Darko, and of course Where is My Mind by Pixies in Fight Club.. What are your favorites?

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article The Wiggles making history taking out #1 spot in Triple J Top 100



The Wiggles (children's entertainment group) take out #1 spot in Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown with their 'Like a Version' cover of Elephant, by Tame Impala.

The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual music listener poll hosted by the publicly-funded, national Australian radio station, Triple J. Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite Australian and alternative music of the year in an online poll conducted two weeks prior to the new year.

  • First children's group to reach Hottest 100 #1
  • First artist in 28 years to debut in Hottest 100 at #1
  • First 'Like a Version' cover to reach Hottest 100 #1
  • Oldest artists to reach Hottest 100 #1

They beat out Justin Bieber and Kid Laroi - Stay (#2)

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discussion What the hell happened to humor in music?


Especially in the 90s there always seemed to be bands that had a certain ironic, juvenile and fun sense about them, bands like like blink-182, Barenaked Ladies, most third wave ska, Ben Folds Five, and even Green Day's joke songs, but now everything, no matter which genre I look at, seems to be so serious or edgy. I don't get it, what happened? I wish music was more fun now, mostly because I've never gotten a chance to grow up with that stuff, it just kinda sucks.

EDIT: thanks everybody for the song recommendations, they're great, keep 'em coming! I'm trying to listen to a decent amount of tracks from each of them, I just wish most of this stuff was more mainstream!

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discussion “Cherub Rock” by the Smashing Pumpkins rings truer now than ever


The new Lumineers album just came out. I was in the mood for some indie folk rock, so I played a random track, “Remington.” It opens with an electric drum, something I’d never expect from them.

It’s the same thing with Coldplay. The same thing with Mumford & Sons. Bands that became popular because of their uniqueness only to devolve into the same electronica crap as everyone else.

Then I listened to “Cherub Rock” by the Smashing Pumpkins, one of my favorites. It’s a song about how the music industry is full of bands that lose their essence in favor of whatever will make them the most money. “All those angels with their wings glued on” are bands making whatever music the marketing team and producers are telling them to make rather than the music in their hearts.

Is it just me, or do you all feel like the bands you like are devolving into the same generic sound?

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article In Memory of the Legend: Fela Anikulápó Ransome-Kuti


Fela Anikulápó Kuti, 15 October 1938 – 2 August 1997 was a Nigerian musician, bandleader, composer, political activist, and Pan-Africanist. He is widely considered as the father of Afrobeat, an African music genre that fuses traditional Yoruba drumming and vocal rhythms with American funk and jazz. At his peak, he was described as one of Africa's most "difficult and charismatic music artists." According to AllMusic, he is a musical and social voice of international relevance.

Click to join the community (Felabration) created for the Legend

Kuti was the son of Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, a Nigerian women's rights activist. Following early international experiences, he and his band Africa 70 (including drummer Tony Allen) rose to prominence in Nigeria throughout the 1970s, during which he was an outspoken critic and target of Nigeria's military juntas. In 1970, he established the Kalakuta Republic commune, which declared independence from military administration. The community was destroyed in a raid in 1978.  He was imprisoned by Muhammadu Buhari's regime in 1984, but was released after 20 months. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he continued to record and perform. Since his death in 1997, his son, Femi Kuti, has overseen reissues and collections of his songs.

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discussion What's the saddest album you've ever listened to?


I can't pick one actually. But Ballads 1 was pretty sad imo.

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discussion Animals by Pink Floyd turns 45 today. My favourite Floyd album with longform songs I get lost in.


For an album that really only has three 10min+ songs coupled with a short intro and outro song forming concept/protest album, it's refreshing that it received positive reviews and was commercially successful. There were no singles for this album. It reached #2 in the UK and #3 in the US. The concept behind this album is roughly based on George Orwell's Animal Farm. The songs Dogs, Pigs and Sheep describe the differential societal classes of the times. Front to back, this album is a political musical journey that paved way for their next album... The Wall.

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article Meat Loaf Dies: ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ Singer & ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Actor Was 74



Meat Loaf, the hardworking singer and actor whose theatrical Bat Out of Hell is one of the best-selling albums ever and who played Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, has died. He was 74.

The Grammy winner born Marvin Lee Aday died Thursday night surrounded by his wife Deborah, daughters Pearl and Amanda and close friends, Meat Loaf’s longtime agent Michael Greene told Deadline on behalf of the family. A cause of death is not being released. According to TMZ, the singer died of Covid-related complications.

“We know how much he meant to so many of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man,” Meat Loaf’s family said in a statement. “From his heart to your souls…don’t ever stop rocking!”

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discussion The best way to listen to music I own no longer exists.


I would love it if anyone could help me with what has become such a depressing problem facilitated by our old friend capitalism.

The vast majority of the music I own exists as files on my computer. I may have ripped the files from a CD I purchased, or bought the files digitally and downloaded them. They might be songs that I have made, unreleased demo recordings, edits of songs that I already own, or any other sort of audio file that I have acquired over the years and like to listen to.

The point is, there is no single service that I can use that will allow me to listen to all of these things, and so for the longest time the solution was simple: I would transfer all these files onto a device that could play music such as an ipod/mp3 player/phone and listen to them there.

Except that once simple solution has become more and more difficult, and now it seems to be next to impossible.

How has plugging a device into a computer, dragging and dropping some files, and being able to listen to those files on that device become an alien concept? I currently have an android phone and android file transfer has become unusable. Third party equivalents that may or may not work charge obscene prices. The only streaming-like app I use (Bandcamp) doesn't have a shuffle function.

It is bewildering to me that nobody else seems to understand this frustration. "Just use spotify" is a common response I get and yet they don't seem to care that it has an awful search function, they have to listen to ads/pay to remove them, it underpays artists, you can't pay artists more if you want to, if the music for whatever reason disappears they can't listen to it, and doesn't allow you to listen to all the music in the world, just what exists on spotify. And I get it - they may have all the music they want on spotify which is great but that doesn't mean it has all the music everybody wants.

Shouldn't this be simple? Even default music apps on phones now seem purposefully broken and feature ads. It's so depressing. I just want to listen to the music I love. Rant over.

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discussion Help creating a playlist


So I have a very niche question. My daughter is deaf and has cochlear implants. Cochlear implants are not good at picking up pitch, so listening to music is difficult for her. I understand that many people with implants enjoy music with a strong beat, ie hip hop, a genre of music that I'm not very familiar with. Can anyone recommend some good songs that might be appropriate for a father to listen to with his 12 year old daughter?

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music streaming Milky Chance - Sadnecessary [alt/indie rock]


I really love everything Milky Chance. One of the few groups which I could listen to every single one of their songs without skipping any.

And that goes for all of their albums really, but this one is what set it off.

I've had the pleasure of seeing them live, love their vibe.



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ama I'm Grammy nominated music producer TOKiMONSTA and I got to release a song for the Squid Game franchise by sending an email. AMA


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - I'm taking a break for dinner, but keep adding questions. I'll try to add some more later.

Long time lurker back again to chat with you all! Like so many, I watched Squid Game and loved it. As a Korean American, seeing this type of representation paired with boundary breaking acceptance is important for Asian minorities living in Western societies. That being said, after watching it I felt inspired to write something unique and tied to my Korean roots.

I made the song, played it at all my shows and a lot of major festivals (including EDC Vegas), but wasn't sure how to actually release it-- I was just a fangirl. Well, I cold emailed the Netflix music department and the rest is history - today the song it out via Netflix and Casablanca Records!

You can listen to it here: https://squidgameep.lnk.to/SquidGameEP

BTW, we can talk about anything. Food, music, art, metaverse, why I'm so scared of flying bugs - ask me anything.

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/neir91njcyc81.jpg

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discussion What’s your favorite song that tells a story or shows character development?


I love these kinds of songs, and I just found an amazing one yesterday, “Hopes and Dreams” by Caskets, and I’d like to find more.

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discussion What’s your least favourite song by your favourite band


In my opinion it’s probably My World by Guns N’ Roses, let me know what’s yours!

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discussion Random MJ thought/question


I was listening to Michael Jackson - The Lady in my Life and I posed the question to myself, was MJ a better dancer/performer or vocalist? Ur thoughts? Reasons why?

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video The California Poppies - Song of the Butterfly [60’s Inspired Rock]

Thumbnail youtu.be

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discussion What's your favorite collaboration?


It's always so great when performers from different bands or even genres get together.

Bowie with Queen on Under Pressure is the first that comes to kind.

Anthrax and Public Enemy on Bring the Noise too.

What else?

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discussion Ticketmaster Vs StubHub and Concert Prices


Forgive me if this isn't allowed, I just am wondering if this is a common occurrence.

I purchased tickets on Ticketmaster the moment they went on sale for an Eddie Vedder concert. Less than an hour after purchasing them it was sold out but there were tickets already on StubHub for a tenth of what I paid.

I feel like I got hosed and should have just bought them from StubHub.

My question is how do people sell tickets for $100 that sold for $450 in the same general section?

I am a rare concert goer these days, all my concerts were back in the 90's when you still waited in line for tickets and cussed at paying $25 a ticket to see Nirvana or Pearl Jam. So it is possible I just have no idea what is going on.

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other 30 Years ago today, Ice Cube had a good day


10 years ago, a tumblr user Donovan Strain did the maths and worked out that the only possible day Ice Cube could have been referring to in It Was a Good Day was January 20th, 1992, as it was the only day that:

  • Yo MTV raps was on air,
  • It was a clear and smogless day,
  • Beepers were commercially sold,
  • The Lakers beat the Supersonics and
  • Ice Cube had no other events happening.

I’d highly recommend reading the post for all the details, but anyway happy anniversary to Ice Cube’s good day, hope you’re all suitably enjoying yours and not having to use your AK’s.

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music streaming Thirty Steps To Forward - Winter [indie]

Thumbnail open.spotify.com

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i made this First time sharing my stuff online


Made music for a while now and only really shown it to friends previously. One of my buddies told me that there are people out there who'd enjoy my stuff so I decided to make a Sound Cloud with a few samples: https://soundcloud.com/cumragedemon

Can't say my music is for everyone but people giving my stuff a chance would mean a lot. Thank you :)

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discussion What's a song people claim to hate but secretly like?


Songs people say they hate but secretly like. MY example would be Taylor Swift's Shake it Off

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other Does anyone knows the name of this oldschool R&B song?


This song appeared in one of the episodes of the TV serie Everybody Hates Chris. I searched for the episode soundtrack on several websites and this was the only song that wasn't there, and I found a lot of comments from 7, 8 years ago asking about the name of the song.

I couldn't find the song using Shazam or searching for the lyrics, which makes me think that maybe this song is just a remix.

The music starts at minute 3:10 - https://youtu.be/MzML-ip2epI

There's even a thread created by brazilians in the comments to find the name of the song.

The name of the episode is: Everybody hates the lotery

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discussion What if the Velvet Underground continued to feature a guest singer on every album after Nico: the Velvet Underground & >....


The Velvet Underground and David Bowie
The Velvet Underground and Patti Smith
The Velvet Underground and Brian Wilson

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other Recent post from Thai kids rock band


Hello, there was a recent post on the front page of a group of kids in a Thai music competition or something. They played rolling in the deep and another Thai song. I can't find the post for the life of me, but the music was incredible.

Can anyone link it to me? Thanks. Didn't know where else to ask, but I figured fellow music heads might know.