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Announcement No copium left at home before MSI semifinals? Join G2 Army in Manchester!

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League of Legends MSI 2022 SEMIFINAL - G2 vs T1 MEGATHREAD


Hello G2 Army!

With NA being eliminated from the tournament, G2 is once again West's only hope of winning an international trophy. And because Riot loves a good script, we are once again (as you most likely know) against Faker's T1 in the semi finals.

For the first time in 3 years, the most hyped up rivalry in the history of League of Legends will clash on the Summoner's Rift. And we decided to introduce this megathread to limit the amount of posts with multiple opinions on drafts, individual performance, game state and the result and help people who can't watch it live avoid spoilers. So please, give us your opinions in this thread!

All posts that have spoilers, especially in titles, will be removed!

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Meme wait, that wasn't in the script

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Tomorrow's the big day


And I'll have to miss it (at the very least the first two games) due to work. F

I am curious to know what everyone's expectations are, here are mine:

  • I expect our boys to show more coordination than before throughout the whole game - failing as 5 is fine for a roster this 'young' in my books
  • I expect our botlane to keep looking for trades and not be scared to try new things, even if it leads to small losses - I believe this to be more important in the long run than playing safe and letting their teammates carry them out of laning phase. However, still respect the enemy some more!
  • I expect to at the very least take a game from SKT
  • I expect them to show strong mental and be able to have fun playing while trying hard to win it
  • I expect the team to adapt, not only the players but also the staff through game plans/drafts and player management throughout the series

Winning would be great, obviously. However, if these are all met tomorrow regardless of who wins this BO5 I'd be VERY hopeful for both summer split AND Worlds.

So what do you guys expect from the boys, and what would it take for you as fans to be happy tomorrow?

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League of Legends Why no more Jarvan since MSI started?


As I am watching RNG vs EG right now and seeing the Jarvan from RNG I was wondering why G2 stopped drafting it as MSI started?

Genuinely curious, because in the Playoffs run the main picks that won them so many games were Ahri, Jarvan, Ornn (and Kai'Sa I think?) and all of these champs are still being picked but Jarvan is nowhere to be found.

What is the reason for this? Because as far as I can see in the recent patch notes he wasn't nerfed since playoffs.

EDIT: Spelling

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New video by G2 Esports League of Legends on YouTube

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League of Legends Play-Making Carry T1 Should Fear! THE Western X Factor! - The Caps that Can - League of Legends

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League of Legends Targamas CONFIDENT G2 can take T1 down "We were always a bo5 team"

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just meme but i hope it does not happen again

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League of Legends The interview is promising and it's give hope


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League of Legends Any viewing parties/bars in London?


Hi guys,

does anyone know if there's a public viewing option to watch G2 in London?

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League of Legends Secured The real MSI trophy. (LETS GOO 2019 VIBES VS T1) *Aware*

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Name a more iconic duo

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T1 is actually scary


Just for fun guy I'm not analyzing anything I'm not Dylan Falco okay. With that's been sad T1 is nightmare team to play against the way they play the game is annoying and effective they play lane to lane they choke you early out of gold kick you out of your jungle and they run with the lead So pls from now don't be mad even if we lose 3-0 or even 3-1 these version of G2 have a chance to done more and that what important. Sometime u don't need you favorite team to win if they show that they have the balls to compait that's more that enough.

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Meme The script is on our side everyone

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League of Legends As I said in an earlier post, my last game today, and last post. Thanks for the journey #G2WIN


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League of Legends More memes in the sub, pls

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League of Legends FLAKKED KAISA

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Meme thank you mr eg and mr rng

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The plan is falling into place. The trophy is near.

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RNG pick EG so it's t1 vs G2 now


Lol after the loses RNg still didn't pick G2 NA fans truly delusional

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League of Legends lol wut?

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All we need is RNG to beat PSG for us

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League of Legends Ok, last-last post!


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About the expectations for G2's League roster


After witnessing the shitshow of negativity in some of the latest posts this weekend, I have nothing to do for the next hour (ish) at work so I thought I'd share my thoughts no one gives a shit about - you're very welcome.

I don't know why some people react with so much negativity and defeatism because of the loss streak. Keep in mind this is a NEW ROSTER WITH ROOKIES. This hasn't been 2019 G2 for 3 years already. ADJUST YOUR EXPECTATIONS. It wasn't even the best roster on paper in Europe - and don't get me wrong, I love this roster and I don't want changes to be made with what I've seen.

Not winning LEC would've been acceptable as long as there was a progression throughout the split, in these situations you shouldn't measure success by winning titles but by reaching more modest milestones that eventually will lead into bigger ones. Reaching playoffs was expected with this roster, but winning the LEC was huge imo to begin with.

The way it was won with a huge win streak from losers' bracket was only indicative that this roster has a high ceiling, and beating T1 and RNG confirmed that. Had this roster begun with 5 straight losses in rumble and then won 5 times, many here would be rubbing one off to the expectations of G2 winning it all this year because of recency bias. In my opinion, what we had to focus on and celebrate as fans this weekend would be a qualification for BO5s, as I said in one of those negativity-filled threads.

Right now, sights on the first BO5. Keep in mind, this is a NEW ROSTER WITH ROOKIES. In my opinion reaching this point is already a very good result, and even if G2 don't win MSI, as long as this roster can grow from this experience it's a successful tournament. It's the very first international experience for our botlane ffs, of course they don't look as sharp as other botlanes, and they still are giving us moments of brilliance.

As fans, having high expectations for your team is good and it's what you should do, and you should also hold the org you support accountable for any fuck ups at any level! But seriously, begin by adjusting your expectations to what is reasonable. I think it's also great to have faith in your team and think they can do much better than what is 100% reasonable to expect, but crying the minute your team goes 25-5 in the 30 most recent matches when nothing was lost yet isn't helping anyone.

Going forward, I would like G2 to win the whole thing, obviously, but since I really like this roster I would rather they learn and have the chance to improve regardless of the result. I wouldn't be happy if they get clowned on and don't even try, obviously. And I do think their ceiling is high enough for them to win tournaments in the international scene, but this is their FIRST INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT TOGETHER. Being sent home in semis would not warrant asking for replacements of any kind at this point.

Tl;dr To those crying the moment G2 don't win a few BO1s: calm your fucking tits with the negativity, adjust your expectations, stay hydrated, sleep well, eat healthy and go out more.

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EU >> NA

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Meme G2 right about this week

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