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r/DnD Nov 18 '21

Mod Post "Why can't I post a picture/link?" Thursdays are Text-post Only days on /r/DnD!


Ah, travelers! We don't get many such as you in these parts, not since the Marquis' men took control of the pass. I suppose you're wondering why you can't post images or links on this Fifthday?

Thursdays are Text-post Only Days on /r/DnD. We're disabling picture and link posts for 24 hours to encourage discussion posts.

We originally began this trial about six months ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've personally enjoyed a lot of the conversations that have sprung up on these days (and a smarter mod would have bookmarked some of them to use as examples* in this post).

As of now we're planning on keeping the experiment running indefinitely. We're always looking for feedback, so please let us know of your experience. Have you been enamored with a discussion post that arose one Thursday? Have you mourned having to wait one more day to see your comic update? We welcome all takes.

The switch is still happening manually, so it will happen around about midnight Eastern US time. If anyone is aware of a way to automate the process, please message the mods.

Perhaps you could discuss this...we've heard tale of a path through the eastern ridge. If such a trail exists we could circumvent the Marquis' blockade and supply this rebellion. Won't you help us, strangers!?

* The first Thursday after making this post, someone posts the most classic question imaginable. This is what it's all about.

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Misc [OC] My "finished" D&D Dungeon

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Video [OC][ART] I made a trailer out of my artwork for my homebrew world!

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OC [OC] Tons of free D&D 5e world-building content! Come and get it! :)

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Video I am giving away a bunch of D&D books to one lucky winner in the comments! Around $300 in value. Worldwide Giveaway [MOD APPROVED] Check out the video and the comments for more details and the rules. Sponsored by Game Master Engine [OC]

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OC [OC] Got our high-school D&D group together during lockdown after a 30 year hiatus. We've been playing online for 2.5yrs as we live in different continents now. Last night we got our 1st and possibly only chance to play face to face as 1 guy was over from Australia. It was epic!

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Out of Game What do you call your DM OTHER than their name or DM?


One of my players referred to me as the "Dungeon Mistress" and I think I'm gonna lean into that lol.

Anyone else have fun nicknames/name changes for your DMs?

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Art [OC] Got super hyped watching Stranger Things s4 so I crafted this for myself. What do you think?


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DMing What’s a name for an in-universe version of Dungeons & Dragons?


I’m creating an NPC who is secretly into TTRPGs (Tavern Table Roleplaying Games), and I can’t for the life of me come up with a name for said game.

The best I could come up with is Townhalls & Taxes. It’s a work in progress.

Edit: I’m looking more for something about roleplaying as normal humans in a universe like ours, and preferably with alliteration as well, thanks!

Edit 2: CEOs & Corporations. My NPC is a level 12 IT Specialist.

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DMing DM trying to change my character appearance


I'm new to DnD, with this being my first campaign. My DM & I worked together for every part of my character who's an Elf with a Druid class.

My character is supposed to be like myself, short (4'9) black hair, piercings, age 20, wearing an oversized sweater, skirt, And thigh highs.

The DM was cool with that, with my character traits being "short and cute"

However during the gameplay he would try to slip in things like "oh btw your character is flat chested" "Your character isn't wearing socks" "your characters age is 60+" "Your character is the height of 5'something"
"your character is wearing basic trousers and shirt with leather armour"

When he said those things at various pointsin the game I'd point out that my character is meant to look like myself and he was just "oh yea, uh sorry"

Is it the norm for DMs to choose/change character appearance? Did I mess up some characteristics with the Elf & Druid thing that he tried fixing?


I'm so sorry, while typing a reply I remembered that during monologue he will also try to change the way my character does things.

My character is a chaotic neutral with the bg of a hermit, so overall doesn't really know to interact with people

I will do scenes like walking into town or in a shop and say "I just got in, normally, like no sneaking or anything" And he does just that "okay so you sneak behind everyone and someone notices you" before me and other plays correct it.

During fight scenes he will try to change what I described for apparently no reason :/ I'm sorry for adding this in after!

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Art [Art] I am super proud of my new dwarf artificer! Please give me internet validation!

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Art [OC] [ART] Jasmine Redford - Tiefling Warlock

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5th Edition DM wants to nerf my PC


I need some advice guys. This is going to be a long rant.

Situation is a follows: The DM wants to nerf my Fighter for the sake of a balanced campaign. Again. I'm really close to leaving his campaign out of anger, but I don't want to be a total petty bitch. Since it's hard to see the DMs side of the story as a player, I really do hope that someone here can a) help me understand my DM or b) reassure me that I'm not just over reacting and that what he is doing is actually unfair.

I play a 7th Level fighter in this Campaign. When we rolled our stats in session 0, I rolled exceptionally good (18, 18, 16, 14, 14, 13). Plus the racial bonuses (half elf), I basically maxed out some scores from the get go and had no real "weaknesses" score-wise. Since my INT score was good for an fighter, I decided to go eldritch Knight. This was the first time the DM confronted me about my "unfair" character. In his eyes, my Fighter was too powerful because of my stats. I tried to explain to him that I didn't want to throw his campaign off balance and that I was more than wiling to work this out with him. But I was a little pissed off, because high stats is a risk that comes with rolling them instead of using point buy. However, I agreed to focus my spells to outside-combat-stuff for his sake. Choosing another archetype was no option either, because he said he'd nerf those as well.

Level 4 comes around. He tells my that I can't take ASI (wanted to either increase CON or INT). I told him I was fine with that as my stats were already good for the level I was at and went on to present my feat-choices to him. I liked mobile, tough, lucky, great weapon master, fey touched (fit nicely with my backstory) or sentinel and told him to tell me which one of those he would allow. He shot them all down because they would make me too strong. With some of them I expected this answer, but that's why I gave multiple options. After a brief discussion, he basically forced my to take observant, but only gave me a +2 to my passive perception as it was "already too high for his liking". Fine, whatever, I rolled with it as I - other than that - really enjoyed the campaign.

At level 5 he wanted to deny me the increase to proficiency bonus, but was thankfully talked down from that by the party and me.

At level 6 he forced me to skip the ASI. "Either you skip it or you can leave the campaign". Cool, whatever. At level 7 there was general unhappiness from his side because of the martial archetype feature. At this point I had it up to here. I understand balancing is hard. But taking all my class upgrades away is just not fair in my eyes. Whats the point of me playing and leveling up if I am not allowed to have any of the benefits? Sure, I make strong attacks with a good bonus and I don't go down often because of my great HP (rolled good on those as well), but what do you expect from a fighter? Of course I'm going to be good in combat. I do very little skill checks outside of combat, because DM told me not to do them "because a fighter is not supposed to be good at those". I don't have any magical weapons, because the one time we found one in session "a strong tornado-like wind blew it off a cliff". I mean what's the point of presenting a +1 great sword if you ain't gonna give it to the party? I don't mind not having any magical weapons at this level, but that whole situation just felt like a giant "fuck you".

Now he wants me to redo my stats with point buy. I of course would loose a lot because of that and with point buy stats I potentially wouldn't have chosen eldritch knight, but whatever. I thought I'd go with it, do retroactive ASI and then hopefully be done with this drama. But he told me that because I was sooo strong so far, I wouldn't be able to do ASI to the point buy stats and that I would have to get used to "playing a regular character first". I didn't reply to that so far.

I know that this is a long rant and I'm sorry for that. But I don't know what to do. I really tried to be considerate and help him out in order to keep the campaign balanced. But now I belive that simply having good stats can't be that much of a problem, especially in higher levels. I rolled with mostly everything he wanted, but I'm really pissed now. Denying my character everything just is no fun for me. I really think about just leaving the campaign. Am I being a total bitch and not seeing the bigger picture? Or is my DM really unfair here?


We play in person. So I rolled my stats in front of the DM and the other party members. He and everyone else accepted them, the other players never expressed any problems about it to me. The "drama" started happening at level 3 and I only started to get irritated by it at level 5. At this point the DM didn't allow to change my stats (for example lower my wisdom or something like that) for no given reason. The only options he gave me are a change to point buy stats but without ASI (see above) or make a new character. This new character however would have to be a level 1 character joining the level 7 party.

This is only my side of things. I don't have the DMs side of the story. He hasn't shared his view with me or given me any reasons for it even though I tried to talk about it with him before. I don't want to make the DM look bad here. I was just looking for advice on how to deal with this situation.


I just met up with the DM to talk about the issues here. It didn't go as planned at all. Call me naive or stupid, but I really thought that we could talk about the problems, deal with them and resolve them. This again is MY side of the story, since the DM is not very talkative/open, please keep that in mind. So so sorry, this is gonna be long again.

When DM arrived he was already pissed that I told the other party members about all the stuff and that they came along. I kinda agree with him there. I should have talked to him alone first. But I thought getting the other players opinions was important to figure out if my character was a general bother to all of them or if I was justified in my discontent in their eyes as well. They took my side as they "love their tank" and basically have the same stats as me by now or will have them after the next level up (they didn't role shitty either). Most of them thought I was playing super low-effort and that that was the reason for me not participating in things like perception checks or conversations involving persuasion checks and such. They didn't realize the DM told me not to do them "because I was a fighter". They were very pissed about me not getting the level-up abilities. Partly because some of them nearly died in the latest encounters cause they had not-level-appropriatly skilled fighter, but mostly because they found it super unfair. Anyway, they basically took my side cause they noticed that the DM was kinda focusing his "wrath" on me and treating me unfairly with no apparent reason/no reason any of us could figure out.

The DM could give me no real reason for nerfing me and didn't see in the slightest why I had a problem with it. He did however admit that he was pissed at me for rolling well on my stats. I told him he should have just said so and I would have rerolled or something. He then admitted that that wasn't the only problem and that he also was pissed about me knowing how to play the game. He apparently wasn't aware that I had played before. But all the other party members also had played before, so I don't really get the problem there. I asked if I was unintentionally undermining him through my experience, he said no. The problem for him was not anything I did but that I know some of the rules and some monster stats and that I could potentially in the future undermine him due to that or that I could metagame, which I never did and which I'm very aware not to do as I absolutely hate it. He also admitted he doesn't like me as a person.

That's completly fair, not everyone gets along with everybody and I can absolutely accept that. But if he had been straight with me, I would have understood it and left his campaign or never started playing in it in the first place. But him not saying anything for many months, being passive aggressive and letting it out on my character is not cool. We didn't even get to discussing any other issues as I realized the only option here was leaving the game. But when I announced that, shit got real.

He called me some very unkind things, told me that I'd throw the whole campaign off balance, and basically just completely lashed out at me. The other players stepped in at that point, tried to explain to him again that me staying in the game was obviously not going to work and that leaving was the only option here. They tried to talk him down but he went all frenzied rage on them too and stormed off, leaving me feeling very guilty and wishing I'd just kept my mouth shut. Neither me nor my friends know what to do now. They told me they're not pissed at me for speaking up, that it would have not worked out in the long run with the DMs attitude and that they're glad I told them. But none of them really know if there will be a campaign with this DM anymore or if they even want to play with him any longer.

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OC Erm, let's turn back the other way. [22x40] [OC] [Art]

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Art [OC] [Art] My Art of my Current Party!

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Art [ART][OC] My First Party Commission.

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Art [OC] My friend painted this awesome dice vault so I could honor my non-binary players.

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5th Edition Opinion: Lower Levels (1-7) are where its at for fun adventuring.


I have only played a few high level campaigns of various editions over the years, but I have always preferred the personal stakes and heroism of the 'local heroes' level of an adventuring career. Once you are taking on demons, dragons etc. as a semi-common event, it loses something to me.

YMMV, but I enjoy the following type of adventures: - guard the caravan/ship on a journey - drive out/away the marauding <insert monster here> - find/rescue/retrieve a lost <prince, caravan, artifact etc.> - explore the abandoned <castle/house/island/cave> *these can also easily be subverted to other things that turn the trop on its head

I have never really enjoyed the epic (LotR) scale campaigns, but thats my own issue I guess.

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Art [ART] Origami Necromancer [OC] [character concept for my next campaign] I'd love your thoughts.

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Art The DM, Chandler [OC]

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OC [OC] [Art] Darould Lionheart - The Heart of the Arena!

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Art [OC]Dagon, Sunken King. BBEG

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Video Bone Quarry is also acceptable [OC]

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Art [OC] Aurelia Callisto - Blood Hunter dhampir

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Art [OC] Little alligator miniature diorama We made

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OC [art] [oc] pixel art of my warforged wizard

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