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MISLEADING The US Senate has just requested information on tether’s backing by DECEMBER 3


If you go on Twitter you can see the letter from the US Senate representatives yourselves. It doesn’t look great to be honest. They want to obviously know how it’s backed and if it’s truly backed which is the million dollar question. The senate wants answers to the questions asked in the letter by December 3. I also find it odd that Coinbase is having issues almost at the exact time this was announced. Nobody knows what’s going to happen but buckle up because it’s about to get bumpy. I hope we get some answers because this has been going on too long

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MISLEADING MOONs have passed DOGE in price. Welcome to the new world


Monday, July 26, 2021

MOON $0.2281

DOGE $0.2104

Congratulations everyone. This amazing community containing plankton to whales has done something truly incredible. We will all look back on this day and laugh as the Dogers claiming it will hit $1 with no understanding of tokenomics are crying while we are laughing and shit posting to a better life.

I'm happy I was here with all of you to witness greatness happening.

Edit: If you're wondering how to get moons, make sure to click on your profile pic and activate your vault! Back up your seed and the. Start contributing by posting, commenting, and upvoting to earn moons! They're distributed once a month

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MISLEADING FaZe Kay could serve up to 30 Years in Jail and receive an up to Million Dollar Fine for "Safe the Kids" Crypto Scam


According to Esports Talk, the charges against members who have committed the scam include charity fraud, along with SEC and FTC violations and more. If convicted under these charges, Kay and suspended FaZe members can see up to a million-dollar fine and 30 years in prison.

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MISLEADING French crypto tax plan just got rejected. French will need to pay 60% if cashout more than 30k$. INSANE.

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MISLEADING BTC price manipulation, whales and Binances 700M tether ' move ' ( Research )


First of all I would like to start with saying that people really need to research more. This sub is so different compared to when I started in '17. Back in 2017 people were very helpful and actually listened to what others had to say. Right now you are getting attacked or called ' FUDster ' when you are just trying to explain something to people. Don't even get me started on the crypto tribalism where if you say ' I like coin x ' you are a shill and you get attacked by all the other tribes.

Its a pity because I found this sub to be very helpful when I started myself.

Anyways, what is this thread about?

So remember when Binance ( CZ tweet ) was saying that it was moving its funds to another address with ONE LARGE transaction? Well it turns out that did not happen! The original address has been drained with about 10 transactions to the new address. But hold on, the new address only has 42M Tether at the time of writing this and the original one had over 780M! So where did the rest go?? The answer: Different addresses, thousands of them.

This video explains all of it perfectly and has all the evidence you need ( skip to 1:00 if you dont want to hear the troll song intro ). Please watch the video before calling me a FUDster or shill or whatever. You guys have no idea what is going on behind the scene and the person in the video has done some solid research. There is no point in repeating everything he says in text form.

I find it quite suspicious that this is all happening in the same period as when Ifinex is having difficult times. The parent company of Bitfinex called Ifinex owns both Tether and Bitfinex. For the people who didnt know Tether is getting sued by the New York State Attorney General for covering up a loss of $850M.

All of this leads to uncertainty and no wonder that over 30k BTC has been withdrawn from Bitfinex the past couple of days as you can see from the photo below. People are getting their funds off the exchange and are putting it in cold storage/sending it to other exchanges.


' Thats just a coincidence dude what are you talking about stop fudding dude. '

Well explain why not only BTC is getting withdrawn but Ethereum as well, and LOOK at how much is being withdrawn. Thats over 40% withdrawn in the last week on Ethereum. The BTC price pump, Binance Tether transactions and the NYSAG investigation of fraud is all happening at the same time and no one is batting an eye.


Like I said everything is explained perfectly in THIS video. The youtuber called Chico Crypto has done tremendous and solid research on these topics. It would be a real pity if this thread would get flooded with the same old 'FUD allegations' instead of constructive criticism. I'm all for good research and discussions but the evidence shows that there is some serious stuff going on behind the scenes.

Edit: Im not sure why the mods flaired my thread as misleading. As things stand no one in the comments was able to find the missing 100M tether and the rest of the bitfinex saga still stands.

Like I said in one of my comments before I dont expect to be 100% correct. I just like to bring things to the discussion table to be able to talk about it. My intention is to discuss research with each other which should be done more in r/cryptocurrency. If Im wrong Im perfectly fine with that, but as things stand its all still not clear.

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MISLEADING Total HODL: 99.7% of BTC were inactive in June

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MISLEADING 9 days until crypto firms must verify the ID of anyone sending $1,000+

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MISLEADING This is why I won’t use anymore Bitfinex

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MISLEADING Google to Utilize Chainlink’s Oracle Smart Contract to Provide On-chain BigQuery Data

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MISLEADING Justin Sun's twitter now growing at unprecedented pace - 5,000 new followers each day.


Author's forenote: I honestly don't know if justin sun cashed out a whole bitcoin and decided to buy himself fake followers or if some whale having fun decided to cash out one whole bitcoin and buy justin sun fake followers.

Right now he is growing on twitter faster than Kobe Bryant: https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/kobebryant

And here's justin's numbers: https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/justinsuntron

EDIT: Inb4 some other crypto "journalists" decide to make a news article dated for september 27th 2019 about this.