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ANNOUNCEMENT Does my submission fit r/AbruptChaos? – Please read before submitting

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r/AbruptChaos May 29 '20 Hugz

ANNOUNCEMENT Moderation Feedback and New Rules


Hey guys, just wanted to make a post to get some feedback about our moderation and wanted to inform you all on a few rules I haven't officially made a post about yet.

So as some of you know, 6 months ago I took over the subreddit to completely revamp the moderation because it was extremely lacking. So I brought on some new moderators and we've been getting to work since. The moderation isn't perfect and I don't think we ever will get to the point where it is perfect, but I'd like to at least say we've been doing a decent job filtering out posts that don't fit.

With that being said, I wanted to ask you all how we've been doing with moderation? Do you all think we've been doing a good job? If not, what things do you think we could improve on? Any sort of feedback is greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

Now, new rules. We've only added 3 new rules since our last announcement and i'm sure most of you know them already, but for those that don't, here are the 3 new rules we've added between the last announcement post I made and now.

No Human/Animal Cruelty - This rule is a pretty obvious one. We just don't believe this type of content fits the sub whatsoever. Content like this is just not a good sight to see. Whether it be someone abusing another person or someone abusing another animal, it's not a good watch and we want our sub to be a nice place to just browse and to have a few laughs or see something interesting/cool, these types of posts causes the opposite effect.

Videos must not exceed 2 minutes - We felt long videos just didn't fit the subreddit because it's not fun having to sit through a long video just to find the abrupt chaos, we want the abrupt chaos to be seen as soon as possible in the post (Not to say we want it to happen right away).

And lastly, a brand new rule I have just added

No politics - This rule was added because over the time I've moderated this subreddit, I've seen politically oriented posts where the comments and reports just go crazy because everyone has an opinion with politics and some of those opinions are strong ones that some people will disagree with and it will end up turning into an argument. We don't want that type of stuff happening in our sub. As said in the first rule I stated in this post, this sub is just suppose to be a nice place to browse and politics usually causes the opposite effect in some cases just because of how opinionated some people are with politics.

Well I certainly didn't expect to write that much, but here you guys go. I hope you all have been enjoying the sub lately and I hope you can give us some feedback on what we can improve. Please be nice with your feedback, we all have feelings too.

Thanks everyone <3

r/AbruptChaos Mar 24 '20

ANNOUNCEMENT We need some new mods for /r/AbruptChaos



-Need some type of moderating experience, preferably subreddit moderating

-Need to be actively handling mod queue and posts daily

-Need a Discord

Apply here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfREPLwYDzKjlRdE4Box6tpJsTfkDcvMS_KjZWu0eRE23xFPw/viewform?usp=sf_link

r/AbruptChaos Nov 29 '19 Silver

ANNOUNCEMENT [ANNOUNCEMENT] Subreddit Cleanup, New Mods, and New Discord!


Hello again!

As promised, I have completed my bulleted list from my previous post I made here and I am here to update you all with my progress!

Subreddit Cleanup:

I added some new rules seen on the sidebar. (on the rules/about page if on mobile) Overall, all the mods and I will be enforcing these rules a lot more often than rules were enforced previously to make sure this sub stays true to its name. We won't be too heavy with the rules, but we aren't going to be loose either. We just want to be sure everyone is finding what they are looking for when coming across this sub. Also, the mods and I have done a huge cleanup of the subreddit. Removing as many reposts, off topic posts, and just overall posts that didn't belong. It took quite awhile to do, but we did it and we are continuing to do so every day!

New Mods:

I have added on 3 more moderators to the team and overall, we have been working very well together! Here is a list of all the mods who got added:

/u/PowerModerator - He is going to be my right hand man through this all just because of how much experience he has with subreddits. So far, he has done a fantastic job assisting me with everything and I feel like this sub will be taken car of pretty well with him here too.

/u/samjgrover - Sam is from Europe so worry not, we have EU time watched as well when the rest of us US guys are sleeping!

and lastly, but certainly not least, /u/NoahTheFutureWriter - He also has a lot of mod experience. Him and /u/PowerModator actually are mod buddies on another sub as well. Overall, he makes a great addition to the team, just like all the rest.

We're pretty happy with the amount of mods we have right now, but if you have experience with being a mod whether it be on reddit or elsewhere, send in an application and we might add ya to the team! Just make sure you are already active on reddit because we are looking for active community members to fill our ranks!

New Discord:

Lastly, we have made a new discord server! Our goal with this discord server is to bring this community closer together and be as transparent as possible with you guys. Help you all figure out what's going on behind the scenes, how we enforce the rules, and just overall keeping you updated on the status of the community. We really want this to be a flourishing community and I think with proper moderation and a good discord server, we can accomplish that goal easily.

So here's the discord invite https://discord.gg/MmDwgZX Feel free to introduce yourself in the discord and get to know everyone there. We want to make sure we're all together as a community, so lets treat each other like a proper community! Can't wait to see you all there!

That's all for now! Come join the discord if you wanna talk to us more and ask us questions, we'd love to answer. <3

r/AbruptChaos Nov 25 '19

Announcement New changes to the subreddit and mod applications


Hello /r/AbruptChaos,

My name is StaticNation and I am the new Head Moderator for this subreddit. I saw the post about the sub dying and how moderators no longer moderating this sub and it empowered me to do something about it, so I did. I messaged /u/orangeredFTW about potentially coming on as a moderator to help this subreddit continue growing and just today, he accepted me on as moderator. It took some time because he's a very busy man with irl stuff, which is also the reason he no longer can moderate this sub, but I'm here to save this sub!

With all that being said, I plan to make some changes to this subreddit. I'll send you the bulleted list I sent orangeredFTW:

  • Gather a group of dedicated people to the subreddit to help moderate
  • Remove as many off topic posts as possible and overall do a spring cleaning of the subreddit to keep its purpose of its existence
  • Create a discord server for the subreddit to keep the community together and strong.
  • and just overall, making sure the users looking at the subreddit are finding what they are looking for.

I honestly don't want to change this sub too much because I think it's fine how it is, it just needs moderating, but I plan to accomplish all these in the coming days with first of course, bringing on a new mod team. So if you are at all interested in becoming a mod, please send me a private message about why you should be picked as mod and I'll consider you.

That's all for now. I'll be back shortly with some more news about new mods!

r/AbruptChaos May 09 '20

ANNOUNCEMENT We are looking for new mods again!


It's come that time again where we require new mods. Things are picking up a lot on this sub with quarantine and such so we need some more mods to compensate for that. If you'd like to be mod, apply with the link below. Please put effort into your application, otherwise we won't consider you. No effort apps will be ignored.


-Need some type of moderating experience, preferably subreddit moderating

-Need to be actively handling mod queue and new posts daily

-Need a Discord

Apply here https://forms.gle/Hzq3tuSXEHriet4P9